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Viking Braids: Styles, Ideas and Method for Men and Women




Viking Braids

Viking hairstyles are rugged, cool-looking, and fashionable. Originally inspired by the Norse warriors, the Viking hairstyle has incorporated various modern styles. These styles can range from ponytails, undercuts, braids, and beards.

We have compiled a list to show you all the in-trend Viking braids for both males and females. You’ll also learn how to do Viking braids by the end of this article. We suggest that you grow out your hair and try out these fierce styles.

Viking Braids for Men

Viking Braids

The Ragnar Lothbrok Braid.      

Viking braids have a unique look that the hair of all lengths can attain. Achieving it is extremely simple but how you choose to braid your hair can make a lot of difference. The most common style of braid is the one pictured above. It gives out a fierce and wild look that can make you look intimidating.

If you want to try out another look, don’t worry because we got covered. Viking braids’ beauty is that you can try out any style you like depending on your hair length.

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Slicked Back Undercut Braids

Viking Braids

Classic Viking hairstyle mixed with a modern touch.

Guys can shave the sides of their heads and loosely braid their ponytails. This combines the wild look of the Vikings but adds a more modern touch to it. Combine it with a beard, and you got yourself a superb look.

The Unique Single Braid

Viking Braids

A single braid gives you an intimidating look.

Another great look is if you braid only one strand of hair. Allowing your hair to grow long and thick alongside a beard will make you look extremely intimidating. Combine that with a single braided strand and you will be the focus of everywhere you go. We encourage you to experiment with different hairstyles while combining braids to them and it will look much better.

Viking Beard Braids

Viking Braids

A braided beard always looks good.

Viking Braids are not only limited to your hair. It can also be applied to your beard if you want to look unique and creative. Growing out your beard and braiding it can make you look like a completely different person. You can try this style with multiple hairstyles including braided hair, long hair, or even a shaved head. A braided beard can never go wrong especially if you braid your hair alongside it.

Viking Braids for Women

There used to be tons of Viking warriors that were female. They also braided their hair so that it didn’t hinder their vision during combat. The good news is that you do not have to be a warrior to attempt a Viking hairstyle. There are dozens of styles to choose from so here are some of the best Viking braids to try out.

The Daenerys Braid

Viking Braids

The Daenerys Braid.

Daenerys Targaryen from Game of Thrones made braids popular once more while the show was airing. You must carefully entwine your hair near the top and let it hang free near the bottom. It not only keeps your hair in place but also gives you a look like a ruler or a warrior.

To achieve this hair, you must let your hair grow out long and braid your hair only near the top of your head. It will help your hair stay in place even if it is windy outside. It can be a bit time-consuming for women who are trying this for the first time but the result is fabulous. This is one of the easier styles to copy. If you are short on time or have a low tolerance level, this style is perfect for you.

The Elegant Bun Braid

Viking Braids

Elegant Bun Braid.

Alternatively, you can tie your hair in the style of a bun and braid it. This is most commonly referred to as the ‘braided bun’. It gives an elegant look that not only keeps your hair in place but also makes you look classy. This hairstyle is practical and easy to manage even for beginners.

Double Ponytail Braids

Viking Braids

Ponytail Braids.

One of the most common Viking braid styles for females is double braided ponytails. Mostly inspired by ‘Shield Maiden’ from Viking, it spices up your look by making you seem fierce. To make this style stand out, even more, you can add things like flowers to make it seem more exotic. Do not hesitate to experiment with different things and styles to see which one suits you most.

Viking Royal Hairdo

Viking Braids

Royal Hairdo.

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While all Viking women’s hairstyles are astonishing and beautiful, the Viking royal hairdo is one of our favorites. This one is extremely convenient and easy to achieve. On top of that, it is practical for daily life activities like casual walks, going to school, or work. You can even try this style if you have short hair and it will still suit you.

How to do Viking Braids

Viking Braids

How to do Viking Braids.

If you are a fan of the Viking braids and want to learn how to do them, worry not because we have you covered. The easiest and most convenient way to achieve this look is to texturize your hair before your start braiding it. Afterward, you just have to braid whichever part you want to have braided and you’ll complete your look.

1. Texturize your hair

First off, section and texturize your hair to give it a proper look. Since the Viking braid is not neat or sleek, you have to avoid using the shampoo for a few days. Let the oils in your hair do their thing because this style is supposed to look rough and messy. To help achieve this look, you can also apply a texturizing spray or a dry shampoo. It will give you a gritty look if you have smooth or silky hair.

2. Keep your hair in place

Then- depending on the hairstyle- you have to section that part of your hair. Use clips to keep your hair in place. An easy way to do this is to section the top of your hair first and then the sides. Splitting up the sections via the clips can make it convenient to braid your hair afterward.

3. Begin Braiding

Once you have done that, you should start braiding the side sections of your hair. You can either do a 2-strand braid or a 3-strand one depending on what you want. Then simply repeat the process for the top section. Once you are done with all of that, apply hairspray to secure the braids and make sure that it stays that way. You can always bring a comb or additional hair ties with you if you are worried about it lasting the whole day.


In conclusion, Viking braids are extremely popular and practical for day-to-day activities. They also have a great cultural legacy- which mixed with modern styles makes it even more glorious.
So, hurry up and try out one of these eye-capturing hairstyles. Your imagination is the limit and you can experiment in various ways to see which one best suits you.

Update: More Viking Styles have now been added.

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