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15 Interesting and Fun Facts about Germany

Madiha Rizvi



Germany is a culturally and historically rich country. Home to snowy mountains, river valleys, forested hills, and more, Germany has a beautiful landscape that can instantly capture everyone’s attention. But just like any country, there are many interesting and fun facts about Germany that you might not know of. In this article, we have come up with 15 such facts that will tell you more about Germany than you already do.

15 Surprising Facts about Germany

Here’s a gist of the exciting facts about Germany you should know about:

  • Largest Train Station
  • More than 20,000 Castles
  • Third Most Widely Taught Language
  • 1,000+ Kinds of Sausages
  • About 3,000+ Breads
  • Christmas Tree is from Germany
  • 7,000+ Different Beers
  • Largest Car Producers
  • Almos 400 Zoos in the Country
  • Chancellor’s Office is Called ‘Washing Machine’
  • Escaping Prison is Not Illegal
  • 65% of Highways Have No Speed Limit
  • Gifts for Kids on the First Day of School
  • Showing a Thumb gets you a Beer
  • Baby Names Can be Denied by the German Law

Some time ago, I saw a video by a Comedian where he was telling a story about his visit to Germany. One thing he focused on was how Germans truly accept their history. Every corner of the country is filled with stories of the past and if you ask anyone, they accept their ancestors’ mistakes and teach their children to do better in the future. That’s how authentic Germany is.

It’s a vibrant place where hundreds and thousands of people go to delve into their rich culture and tasty cuisine and to relieve the memories of the past. A lot of people know Germany by their love for sausages and beer, but that’s not all that Germany is about. Many people don’t know the facts we have covered in this article even after living in the country for years. Let’s not waste any more time and let’s get into the details.

The Largest Train Station is in Germany

Largest train station in Germany

It took 10 years to build the five-story railway station in Germany, called the Berlin Hauptbahnhof. You might have seen many railway stations around the world, but this one is the biggest you will see in Germany. It’s located in the heart of Berlin from where you can take the train to multiple destinations.

More than 20,000 Castles in Germany

As mentioned above, every corner of Germany is fueled with history. It’s home to more than 20,000 castles from the past that will make you dive into the old memories and get a royal experience on your visit. Many of these castles have been turned into cultural centers, museums, and hotels, so people can get a taste of them during their visit to Germany.

Third Most Widely Taught Language in the World

German language

German is also the third most taught language, especially in Central Europe and the United States, after English and French. The German language has a huge influence on technology, philosophy, science, and theology. If you’re living in Germany, then it’s a must for you to learn their language rather than simply depending on English.

1,000+ Kinds of Sausages

There’s no surprise that Germany is known for their amazing sausages, but did you know, there are more than 1,000+ types of sausages there? If you’re a sausage-lover, then you will surely fall in love with the country. Visiting for a few days? Don’t forget to pack a suitcase full of sausages when going back home.

About 3,000+ Breads in Germany

Bread is the simplest food, but Germany beats your imagination by having more than 3,000 types of bread in the country. If you’re going to a supermarket to buy bread, then you should do your research before to not get confused in the store by thousands of varieties.

Christmas Tree Come from Germany

Christmas tree come from Germany

Every year you light the Christmas tree to feel the festive season. How many of you know that this tradition comes from Germany?

Yes, the first-ever Christmas tree or Tannenbaum was created in Germany. It was in the 19th century that the tradition started spreading like wildfire in all neighboring places through German royals. It became a global thing when Germans started immigrating to other countries, especially in the US.

7,000+ Different Beers in Germany

Everyone knows German loves beer, but did you know they have more than 7,000 types of beer in the country? You can try a new beer every day and still won’t get bored. How about that? If you’re a beer fan or just want to have the best time of your life, then Germany is the place you go to.

Largest Car Producers in the World

This is a common fact. Almost everyone knows that Germany is the largest automobile-producing country in the world. Some of the top names, such as BMW, Mercedes-Benz, Audi, and Volkswagen come from the country. You don’t need an introduction to any of these automobiles, for sure!

About 400 Zoos in the Country

400 zoos in Germany

Another interesting fact about Germany is that there are about 400 registered zoos. The largest zoo is called The Berlin Zoological Garden where you will find lush greenery and all kinds of wild animals.

Chancellor’s Office is Called ‘Washing Machine’

One of the hilarious facts about Germany was that the Chancellor’s office is called a ‘washing machine.’ That’s basically because the door of the Chancellor’s office looks like a washing machine. Germans should be given credit for their humor!

Escaping Prison is Not Illegal

It might come as a surprise, but escaping prison is not illegal in Germany. The government and people believe that freedom is the right of every person, so it should not be regarded as something illegal.

65% of Highways Have No Speed Limit

no speed limit in Germany

Speed lovers are in for a good time as 65% of the highways in Germany do not have a speed limit. Talk about adventure! These highways are called Autobahn where you can go for a ride to feel like a true driver!

Children are Given Gifts on the First Day of School

Everyone knows how children can be on the first day of their school. To make sure they are A-okay, kids get a Schultüte to make them feel comfortable. It’s a cone that helps in easing the stress on children before entering a serious life.

Show Your Thumb and Get Your Beer!

In Germany, if you want a beer then you just show a thumb to the waiter and you get it. If you show the first finger, then they give you two beers. It’s as easy as it can be!

Baby Names Can be Denied by the German Law

The German government holds the right to deny a baby name that doesn’t denote a gender or that has a family name as the first name. So, be careful before naming your baby in Germany!

Plan a Visit to Germany – Home to Many Fun and Interesting Facts

Now that you know all the fun facts about Germany, it’s time to plan a trip to the country to explore the culture, heritage, and cuisine of the country. Check out all these facts in real-time and have a great time during your trip to the country. Make sure to learn a few German words before going there; otherwise, you will be too lost!

Join Madiha Rizvi to unravel the German culture, history, and innovation. With a keen eye for detail and a deep understanding of the country's rich heritage, Madiha meticulously crafts engaging narratives exploring Germany's art, traditions, and modern achievements. Her expertise extends to decoding the vibrant cultural tapestry, technological advancements, and societal trends shaping contemporary Germany. Committed to sharing insights and fostering a global appreciation for the country, Madiha’s writings resonate with readers seeking a comprehensive understanding of Germany's diverse landscape and its profound global influence.

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