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Emotional Healing: How To Heal Your Emotional Wounds




Emotional Healing

Everyone in this world has a trauma that they carry, some are aware of it and some are unaware of it. Emotional traumas can be classified into many categories, it can be something as small as losing your eraser when you are a kid too as big as losing a loved one. Accepting these emotions as normal is known as emotional healing.

Emotional Healing

How emotional healing looks like.

What do emotional wounds do to you?

Imagine you have a wound from a gunshot and you decide to leave it untreated, what happens? Blood is drained from that wound. The same is the case with an emotional wound, it drains all the positivity from your body; till the point, you start questioning yourself, and you are deemed as a loser by yourself and the people around you. All your career inspirations, your relationships, your friendships, even your sense of morality are altered in a bad way, and you are caught in a gloomy little world in your head, from where an escape becomes a tough task.

Emotional Healing

An illustration of your mind when you suffer from emotional wounds

How to heal emotionally?

There are a plethora of ways to heal emotionally and we will discuss the important ones.

Talk to someone

Emotional Wounds

Emotional Wounds.

Talking to the right person about your emotional trauma can lift a burden from your brain and give you a clearer picture of the world. The anger you are carrying from an emotional wound to the anxiety it has created goes away but this method is a bit risky. Trusting someone in this world isn’t easy considering most people aren’t aware of the consequences of emotional trauma. But still, there are a lot of lovely people in the world, you can join a local support group where people suffering from emotional wounds gather and talk about their sufferings.

Find Yourself

Every individual is different in this world, and the set of principles they inherit or create is what distinguishes them from each other. Seek your inner self, find the causes of your emotional wounds and set certain boundaries that define you, and don’t let anyone cross these lines.

Identify your environment

The environment you are living in determines how fast or slow your emotional healing will occur. Surround yourself with positive people, whose words drive you towards the solace you have always been seeking and in the end, they don’t pin you down for being an outliner due to emotional trauma.

Control your thoughts

When you see the brain like the other body parts you have, that day you will be well on your way to conquer the emotional trauma you have and be emotionally healed. We can control our legs, our eyes, and other body parts; don’t see the brain differently. Wire it in such a way, that you don’t go back to the wounds that haunt you.

Alter your personality

Most emotional traumas that we have come from the people around us and your personality can make you easy prey. Mold your personality in such a way that you become more oriented towards the things that matter and not fall victim to the bad consequences of an emotional wound.


Loving yourself is one of the key aspects that help you towards your recovery. You are how you perceive and protect yourself. Once you go down the path of self-love but not at the expense of hurting someone with an emotional wound, you should know that you are on the right track. Finding reasons to feel good about yourself is self-love, focusing on your career and inspirations is self-love, having a good skincare routine is self-love, playing your favorite sport is self-love, and in a nutshell, doing anything that you love but again not at the expense of giving someone emotional wounds is the name of self-love.

Find your triggers

Some triggers cause your wounds to open up and then give you all the problems. Identify those triggers and work on avoiding them. Also pinpointing how you feel when this occurs can help your emotional healing.


Emotional Healing

Hiding the truth.

Seeking validation from others is a very dangerous thing for your mental wellbeing. Stop seeking validation from others and self validates your actions, you are a free individual who has a set of principles and rules that are fully understood by you only, no other person can come close to understanding them better than you!

 Feel the pain

To fully heal you have to pick a moment and make yourself feel the intensity of the wound to be able to emotionally heal. Sit down calmly and think about how intense this pain is and how it has affected your outlook on life. Absorb all this pain at once and let it go, fight it; rumble with it and throw it out of the window.

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See a false Pain

Emotional Healing

Find yourself

Certain emotional wounds are a blessing in disguise for us but we cry over them e.g. having a breakup with a toxic partner. That is something that needs cherishing not sorrow! Identifying the true and false pain helps us a lot. We live in an ever-changing world, we are in the age of excess information and there are too many opinions that cloud our judgment. Having the ability to remove those clouds and bring the showers of blessing upon your mind and identifying the wrong reasons for your sadness is one of the key factors that leads to emotional healing.


These were some of the vital tips that can help you heal emotionally but this isn’t it. You can go to professional seeking help, the human brain can be easily rewired into making you the most positive person on the face of the earth to the most miserable person in the world. Pick the right option and find the consolation for your brain.

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