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Best Interest At Heart: Meaning, Examples, and Value




Best interest at heart

Best interest at heart is actually a phrase that represents a person’s feeling of helping others. Yes! The best interest at heart means “to be concerned about and want to help someone”. So, if you say that someone has your interests at heart, that simply means that they have concerns about you and they wanted to are trying to help you.

Our modern world and the busy lives of ours have made us forget the basic feelings like showing concern to the ones we need. We are so busy in our lives that sometimes we even forget to ask what is going on in the lives of our loved ones even. But, you couldn’t deny the fact that it’s the most important thing in our modern world.

Best interest at heart

Best Interest

What are some Best interest at Heart examples?

Best Interest at heart is a daily use idiom that you may listen to in your everyday routine. If your mother says that she is good at heart for you then she means that she will never want anything bad for you. She only wishes the best for you and deep down in her heart, she could do anything for you. If your parents or your loved ones criticize you, it’s for your own good. Because positive criticism only helps you in bringing forward the best of yourself.

Moreover, the philosophy is s really necessary for everything in your life. Like, if you don’t have it at job or professional life only, you can’t grow in your career. Hence, you need to have the best feelings and wishes to give your best. We should have the motivation for doing the best only. A company should have the best interest of their employees and vice versa.

In a person’s best interest” is something that is best for them, and “at heart” means deep down in the person’s heart, they are trying to do what is best in their life. And, the strangers also need our kind feelings. Because only in this way we can create a better society and a better world where everyone can live with peace.

Why is Best Interest at Heart important in our life?

It is really important in our life. Because If we don’t have the motivation to do better and we don’t want it from our heart, no matter how much we put the efforts into it we can’t be really successful.


Sometimes in our life when we don’t follow the passion and dreams we want, and w do something under societal pressure, we won’t be good enough. A person who is doing the things that are his passion, and a person who doesn’t have the passion can’t give the same results even in the same work. Someone who is passionate enough and has it in the best interest at heart is obviously better. On the other hand, the person who is doing it out of force just feels overburdened and is unable to produce the best results. Hence, you need to choose your professional path and career for which you have the best interest in your heart.

Loved Ones

Our parents and the one who loves us always want the best for us. Even when they scold us and criticize us, it’s for our best and is in our favor. Some people in our lives always appreciate us even for our mistakes, they are not true friends. The one who criticizes us when we are wrong and appreciate us when needed, are the ones who have the best interest at heart for us.

Best interest at heart

Best Interest

Heart in Society

As a society, we need to be compassionate and kind towards everyone. We need to help the people who are in need and that too for not showing the world, only because you want the best for them. We need to know what is happening to our friends and whether they need any of our help. Having it is another way of saying “I am your friend, and I am here for you when you need me.” Don’t judge others with what’s going on in their life, and instead help them to solve their troubles.

Best interest at heart

Best Interest

Don’t Misjudge It

When we have the people who love us, we have people who just pretend to be our well-wishers. Actually, they are not. Some people just judge us and criticize us unnecessarily hiding in the curtains of “best interest at heart”. They just break our self-esteem and confidence. So, you need to beware of these people in your lives. They are just degrading you and demotivating you.

“Be yourself. Find out what you love. Find out what you really want to do, and go do it! Don’t depend on people who don’t have your best interests at heart.”

~ Rush Limbaugh


We wish that everyone remains good with us, so we should do the same with everybody so that we can get in return the same behavior. What goes around comes around. So, keep striving for your loved ones, or the ones who are in need. Show the sincerest concerns for everyone and you will get the same. Although, we already have people like our parents, siblings, friends, our life partners who want the best for us. Still, we encounter some people who are just pretending to be there and are not sincere. But, that’s okay, that’s how the world functions.

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