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Health Triangle: Everything You Need To Know About it




Health Triangle

How can you achieve overall good health? Where is the secret hidden to achieve to be overall healthy? 

Well, you don’t have to go to the treacherous Amazon forest to find the secret! WHO has given a ‘The Health Triangle’ model to achieve good health. 

When you think about health, it is not about the body but beyond the body. If you are wondering what a triangle has to do with your health, then in this blog, we will help you understand why you need to know about The Health Triangle. 

What is The Health Triangle?

Health Triangle

Health Triangle.

The health triangle is a way to measure the different aspects of overall health. It is an illustrative representation of your body’s ideal balance and efficiency. 

What are the three sides or components of The Health Triangle? 

The Health Triangle consists of three sides that are essential to achieve overall wellness. The Health Triangle represents necessary components that are needed for a healthy body. 

The three components that form the health triangle and contribute to our overall health are: 

Physical Health

As the name represents, Physical health deals with your body’s ability to operate and function well. This includes getting enough exercise, sleep, nutrition, and all charged up to start the next day. 

Social Health

Social health represents our relationship with our family, friends, and other people in our environment. This includes how we communicate, take care and seek support to maintain the relationship. 

Mental Health

Mental health is concerned with your feelings, emotions, thoughts. Any negative or positive emotions like anger, anxiety, stress come under the mental health domain. 

What is the importance of The Health Triangle?

Health Triangle

Components of The Health Triangle.

The health triangle consists of three components to measure the wellbeing of your health. The health triangle represents the importance of interlinked components that are essential for overall well-being.  

If you think physical health is all you need to maintain a healthy self, you are wrong. It is not about you. It is about everyone. Everyone is concerned about their physical health, but nobody talks about mental and social health. However, now people are talking about mental health, but social health still is one the back seat.  This is where the health triangle helps you; it tells you the importance of all three aspects. If you neglect any one of them, the two other two are bound to get affected. 

How to maintain a balanced health triangle? 

Physical Well being 

  1. Maintaining good hygiene by bathing regularly and keeping your body clean. 
  2. By exercising daily
  3. Getting at least 7-8 hours of sleep. 
  4. Eating a balanced and wholesome diet. 
  5. If facing any medical issues, then taking proper medications. 
  6. Getting regular check-ups. 

Social Well Being 

  1. Practicing good manners. 
  2. Following the golden rule: treat others the way you want to be treated. 
  3. Being a loyal and honest person. 
  4. Empathic, respectful, and pleasant behavior. 
  5. Staying away from gossip, rumors, and back bitching. 
  6. Showing good teamwork and sportspeople spirit. 

Mental Well Being 

  1. Reading or listening to your favorite music. 
  2. Watching your favorite series, movies, video games. 
  3. Talking about your feelings. 
  4. If needed talking to a mental health professional. 
  5. Able to get uninterrupted sleep. 

Factors affecting your Health Triangle 


Inherited medical conditions determine your health conditions and can define your biological response to different health conditions throughout your life.  Also, gender and age play an important role in determining your health conditions. 


Practice a healthy eating habit and self-care. Don’t consume alcohol and smoke. How you behave with others also decides your mental and social health. 


Technology can make your life much easier, but overuse is bound to strain your eyes and give you a headache. Also, it can cause sleep deprivation and other mental health issues. 

How to Improve your Health triangle?

Health Triangle

Photo Via Dream.

Social Health

  1. You can boost your social health by connecting with your friends and family. They are the people who are close to you and will guide you throughout your joyous and sad moments. 
  2. You can also start working for a social cause or do some volunteer work. Helping those in suffering can help you oversee your woes. 

Physical Health 

  1. Sleep for 7-8 hours as it improves your capability to concentrate on your job and boosts your immune system. 
  2. Eating a healthy diet and a well-balanced diet is the most incredible way to improve your health. 
  3. Try to stay hydrated as it flushes out the toxins out of the body.

Mental Health 

  1. Meditation is the key to release stress and anxiety. It not only makes you comfortable but gives you peace and helps you to stay away from negative thoughts. 
  2. If you think you need help, don’t hesitate to take help from the therapist. 

The Bottom Line 

Your health is like a triangle, and all three sides are essential. If you take away one side, the other two are bound to fall apart. To achieve overall wellness, you need to take care of all three components as they work together. Your overall health is connected in the triangle. 

Update 1: The Health Triangle Guide has now been updated twice with additional information.

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