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10 Telling Signs Your Boss Is Threatened By You




Signs Your Boss Is Threatened By You

We have associated negative sentiments with the word “boss” and the reason behind it is very simple, most of the heads in workplaces act miserably with their subordinates. There are several reasons for this bad behavior and one of them is that they feel threatened by your skills, aura, or personality. Now let’s go ahead and explore the signs your boss is threatened by you.

10 clear Signs Your Boss Is Threatened By You

The signs that someone in your office feels the heat from your presence can be easily felt because you interact with them on daily basis but when it comes to the boss then these signs can be felt but with more attention towards detail. Let’s make some more sense by looking at some generally acceptable signs.

Diminishing welcoming attitude

signs your boss is threatened by you


At the start of your job, everyone including the boss welcomes you and it is human nature. They are welcoming at first because of not being aware of your skills and credibility. Your ideas, enthusiasm, and presence will be valued in the initial days but as you show that you are more capable than the hierarchy or the boss on top of you then the welcoming behavior diminishes and you are left wondering what wrong did you do. This is one of the signs your boss is threatened by you.


Growing and leaving a mark in an organization needs you to come up with promising ideas. No wonder that many of your colleagues see you as competition in the workplace but that doesn’t mean your flabergasting ideas will not receive a round of applause. If others around you are showering praises upon you and your boss sits or stands in a corner uninterested then beware of it as one of the signs your boss is threatened by you.


Meeting in a workplace is a get-together to brainstorm, pick and reject ideas but it is a place to pass taunt someone. This is a popular technique used by bosses to brittle someone who is disliked by them. It will bring you shame and make you lose your nerves and the image you are building in your organization will start taking a hit. This is one of the major signs your boss is threatened by you.


signs your boss is threatened by you

Stopping your promotion

The promotion brings a lot of benefits for an employee. Ranging from financial gains to the achievement of personal ambitions motivates you to take a driving seat to further advance in the hierarchy of your workplace but this promotion is not welcomed with both hands by your bosses if you are a threat to them. One of the major ploys of a jealous boss would be to create all sorts of hurdles in your promotion phase and make sure that you remain where he doesn’t feel any threat from your side. Quick promotions can make other people above your boss notice you and pick you as the successor to the boss above you.

Development goals

The goal of every good employee is to set goals that develop the CV which enables the employee to be more valuable in the market. The boss who is scared by you will try to hinder the progress by assigning you irrelevant tasks that don’t help you achieve your intrinsic and extrinsic goals.

Reaching your boss

Having a meetup with your boss is one of the toughest parts of the job. There are several reasons for it and one of those is the ego or deliberate hindrance so he or she isn’t easily available and the impression is that they are hard-working and too busy but this is quite the opposite of a good boss. Anyways that was the general practice that happens but if your boss has a grudge against you or sees you as a threat then they will make this process even harder. Imagine your colleagues are playing the game of meeting the boss on hard difficulty while the difficulty chosen for you is ultra-hard.


No employee is immune to making mistakes. Even the high-performing ones are bound to small errors here and there. This can bring a lot of shame in some cases when it is reported to the hierarchy and sometimes it results in suspension and firing but if your boss has your back then the issue can be easily solved. If your colleagues are making mistakes and the boss backs them but your smallest of mistakes are used to make a meal out of, then be sure that your boss is threatened by you, and destabilizing you is one of his ultimate goals.

Demolishing the bridge

A boss acts like a bridge between his or her employees and the upper-level bosses. They are the main channel of communication between the two parties. If you are a promising employee, with charming new ideas that are bound to blow the minds of your higher bosses then no way the boss will let you use him or her as a bridge because the bigger aim of your boss in such case where your boss feels threatened by you is to make it as hard as possible for the hierarchy to notice you.


signs your boss is threatened by you


Working on weekends or overtime on a working day is one of the most painful things for any employee and if you are working with a boss who feels threatened by you then brace yourself for some extra load. That will make you stay overtime or work on weekends. Others will be easily exempt from it but you will have to run through a lot of unnecessary work in the time where you deserve rest because of the envy your boss holds towards you.

Treatment of your friends

In the office space it is not very easy to make true friends because of the atmosphere of competition but if you are lucky to find one good buddy then be ready for the boss who feels threatened by you to treat him in a bad way as well. If you see yourself get close to a colleague and then the boss is indifferent towards him or her, then take notes about the behavior and if it continues as long as you two are close then tick what you had noted down because your boss feels threatened by you.

The bottom line

It is not tolerable in many cases to absorb such toxic behavior as it can take a mental toll on your while also making you hate the career you chose. The toxic boss is something that you will most definitely encounter in every phase of your career, be it in the infancy of it or at the top of your game.

If the boss is threatened by you and it is making you redundant then taking the matters to your HR department or the immediate bosses above him is the right thing to do. If it doesn’t work out, then you can take help from these federal laws that safeguard the employees.







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