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How to Behave in Front of Your Crush?




How to Behave in Front of Your Crush?

The best way to behave in front of your crush is a thing that depends on multiple factors and there are many ways you can boss it and get their attention. How to behave in front of your crush? The answer lies in our article, stay with us.

How to Win Your Crush?

Winning your crush is directly related to how to behave in front of your crush and you can’t separate them. The best way to act depends on the dynamics of your situation and there is no generally accepted principle that applies everywhere.

Some of the core dynamics were discussed by us here and here. After understanding these dynamics you can easily win over your crush by knowing how to behave and in what way you have to behave in front of them.

Step 1 – Judging

The dynamics that we talked about are at the core of step 1. You have to know what kind of a bond you have with that person and when and where you caught these feelings. Proceeding with these feelings takes a lot of thinking and your move should be calculated with all the risky elements being observed by you. Behaving in front of her all depends on this very step.

For example, I have a friend and I have a crush on here requires a different way of proceeding than having your co-worker as a crush. Behave accordingly. You can’t make your co-worker in the majority of the cases get attracted to you right away before you change the dynamics to your favor and turn her into your friend. Understanding the bond and molding the bond is important. Then there are bonds of that person with other people, and you can’t break them unless there is a need for it.

In most cases, if your crush has a bond with another person and it is a healthy, caring, and loving bond if for your own gains you break that then there will be an ethical boundary that you are crossing and you will fall into the sphere of bad humans built, for example, if your crush has a trauma bond with someone then you breaking that and winning them over will not cross any ethical lines.

Step 2- Research

Do research on the background of the person. get to know more about here but do know one thing, it should be in the boundaries where no breach of privacy should occur. If you truly have a liking for someone then going to extreme lengths is more like an obsession than having a crush. Write down and find on the internet how to behave with such a person, let us explain it using an example.

For example, your crush likes flowers. Then Google is your best partner in this. Start researching on it and try to gain as much knowledge as you can. This will be the step where you find out if the person you want to win over and behave in a certain way in front of, is really worth your time and emotions or not, as well as you will develop a deep understanding about certain stuff they like even before them telling you even before you two become a thing.

Step 3- Behaving Infront of Your Crush

This is now the important step. Here your question of how to behave in front of your crush will be answered. You have identified the bond, you have analyzed all the ethical boundaries and you have a rough idea about the personality of that person, now is the time you go and start molding yourself a bit. Try to act in a way that you show interest in her hobbies and you start getting close to that person.

Let’s carry the example of the flower girl, you gain her attention by going to the same flower shop she goes to, develop a good understanding with the shopkeeper. Try to be at events where she goes to and then impresses her with your knowledge. Beware of one thing though, if at any point you find out she is being uncomfortable about all this, you have to stop it, and then that is the best way to behave in front of her, by just stopping!

An Alternative Approach

There are people who can’t mold easily for others and it is quite understandable. There are many reasons for this, they just don’t feel like hanging, they just don’t and can’t act in an unnatural way or take part in activities they have no interest in. They are confident about their personality and they know how to go on and carry it. If you are one of those then this approach will suit you more.

How to Behave in Front of Your Crush? In this case, behave naturally!

Step 1- Who you are?

You should be self-aware of all your pros and cons. No one can be perfect and if you are saying, that my personality is perfect then you are on the narcissistic side of things which is very dangerous and probably your relationship with your crush will not last if you win her over. There is always a side where you should be aware of, the imperfect side.

Even the main theme of the movie Good Will Hunting revolves around these imperfections. Never be ashamed of your imperfections, the right one will love you even with them. But be sure that those imperfections are not toxic traits that can hamper the smooth sailing of both of you together.

How to Behave in Front of Your Crush

Good Will Hunting Quote

Step 2 – Behaving Infront of Your Crush

In this case, behaving in front of your crush is all about showing who you are. There should not be a toxicity showing but your positive side as well as the shortcomings that you have. If they are attracted to the way you walk, the imperfect smile you have, the way you shake while holding something, etc, then be sure they are interested and they are the ones. The best approach towards showing your true self to them is by acting how you will behave in front of the people you are already comfortable with and how you act in front of them.

Beware of one thing, this doesn’t need to be neglected that some people are not going to like your personality and not everyone in the world will be won over by you ever. You have to understand these dynamics before showing your true self in front of them.

Don’t Do This

There are certain things that are not to be done when you are trying to win over your crush and behaving in that way in front of your crush will undo your progress rather than increase your chances of getting to them. You might be doing the steps we said above. Even though knowing about these steps is important and we have warned you about the bad implications of actions that cross certain boundaries in those steps, which we highly wanted to emphasize in this special section.

Bothering someone with your personality, with you adopting a new thing, or generally being around them is one of the dumbest things one can do. You can do all the things in the world, even be made of gold but if the person doesn’t like you back then you can’t win over them. Behave in a civilized way in front of your crush no matter what, even if you know they are not going to accept you. Take the rejection on your chest and walk away.. There should not be instances where you make them uncomfortable.

The Bottom Line

Whatever route you take, the simple thing is that you can’t deny the fact that at the end of the day your personality, your way of carrying things that impresses them, and above all you respecting their boundaries matter and only then you can even dream or think about winning over your crush. How to behave in front of tour crush? Behave in a way that you never violate their beliefs, culture, and their thin lines that they don’t want anyone to cross.

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