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Ten Signs Your Male Friend Has Feelings For You




signs your male friend has feelings for you

Having a guy friend has its own pros. A male friend is the perfect BFF you’ll ever get. Male friendships are a lot different from female friendships. With a guy friend, you get to experience the male world. And by male world, I mean their casual idea of friendships, their bizarre talking sense, their adventurous and wild side, and their hilarious antics. A combo of all these things gives you an experience of a lifetime. Unlike female friendships, male friendships are more easygoing. They are less effort and less competition. You can easily enjoy yourself around them without having a fear of getting judged. You don’t have to worry about your outfit or your makeup because we all know guys have a weird dressing sense. They can even come in their night slippers at a formal gathering. And you’ll effortlessly look better. To be honest this is not only about who looks better.

But with such a person who is comfortable in his own ways, you can also enjoy being carefree. They provide you with a milieu of comfort and self-satisfaction. This is one of the best parts about male friendships that you learn self-love even at your imperfect and vilest form. This list of pros for male friendships can go on and on. But what if your male friend falls in love with you? Will it continue as friendship or it becomes a matter of love? I don’t know if you’ll consider it as a con or not. But obviously, love and friendship is quite a difficult combination, especially when the love is one-sided. In one-sided love, friendships are long lost and things get awkward quickly. There is an 80% chance that your guy friend falls in love with you. Because why not? When you are a friend you share your space, your time, and yourself just like that. And all of it can make him attracted towards you. But how will you know if it is true or not? How will you know either if it is your overthinking or if he is only being nice? Believe me, we all have been there. Doubting much? Wondering if there are signs your male friend has feelings for you? Worry no more as we have got you all covered.

Signs Your Male Friend Has Feelings For You

Your male friends have a high chance of falling in love with you. Because they experience your original self very closely. And it is a fact that your real “being yourself” personality attracts the guys, especially when they are spending time with you.

I must tell you that noticing such signs can get really difficult. It is not easy as understanding a random guy’s intentions for you. If your friend is in love with you he might also get more thoughtful. Because he wouldn’t wanna ruin the friendship. He’ll try to hide the feelings as much as he could. And understanding his intention becomes more complicated.

Here are the top 10 signs that make you recognize their feelings more clearly and quite easily.

Looking at you differently- the eyes speaking louder than words

signs your male friend has feelings for you

Male friend

The first sign of love is prominent through the eyes of that person. If your male friend is getting in love with you his eyes will sparkle every time he sees you. This might sound cheesy. But if you notice it you can see the over-excitement, the happiness, and the shine in his eyes and on his face.

He looks at you quietly and adorably when you are talking, when your laughing, when you are smiling, and even if you are sleeping. His eyes can easily tell the care and love he is feeling towards you. This is the most initial stage of him getting feelings for you. Because this is when he is also struggling with his feelings. At this time he is not clear and not vocal, but his eyes keep shouting your name.

You can easily notice the shyness and awkwardness in his eyes. He’ll avoid directly looking into your eyes. And when you catch him looking over you, he instantly diverts his gaze. So, if you are good at reading his eyes you can easily pick out the signs.

Hanging out a lot- the thousand plans to get physically around you

signs your male friend has feelings for you

Male friend

Another sign you can easily notice is that he starts hanging out more. It is an obvious fact that when someone is in love with you they want to spend their every second with you. They plan to get around you more often. They enjoy your company and they make out the chances to be with you.

If your male friend develops a crush on you, the first thing he’ll do is that he starts hanging out more frequently. He invites you to almost all of his gatherings. He makes plans out of nowhere to get the chance of being near you.

He avails the chance of being around you, even at a place where you can’t properly talk. Because being physically around you, having you in front of his eyes becomes the most important thing to him. You can change his entire mood just by being physically around him. This is the most powerful sign to notice. If your presence puts a positive change over him then he has already fallen for you.

Getting more vocal- the extended conversations

Increased talks are also one of the signs your male friend has feelings for you. You can notice the change in his conversations. He becomes more talkative and always initiates the conversation. He randomly texts you more even if you don’t have something to talk about. No matter what your answer is he always comes up with something to drag the conversation.

The sign of words is very powerful. Although he might not say his feelings clearly he’ll despise it behind many words. Not only he gets vocal but he becomes a good listener as well. He will make you feel comfortable so that you can rant your heart out. This is another powerful gesture that a person shows if he is in love with someone.

Getting more protective- the hyper care

The state of hyper protectiveness is the most obvious sign. If a person truly loves you he gets protective about you. Even the little things like you going alone in a cab makes him worry to his core. You having a minute injury is like the worst nightmare to him. And he goes all caring and protecting over you.

Not only he becomes protective about you physically but also emotionally. He makes sure that anything that bothers you is far away from you. He protects you not only when you are with him but also behind your back. He respects your privacy and protects it if someone tries to invade it. So, if your friend is acting like a bodyguard this might be his way of telling you that he loves you.

Getting more admiring- the frequent compliments

signs your male friend has feelings for you

Male friend

One of the most strong and intimate expressions of showing love is complimenting. When you love someone you not only admire their beauty but also accolades them over it. Expressing your admiration to that one person is not easy. But if someone is doing so it is 100% sure that they truly and deeply in love with you.

Most of the men are not good at compliments and praises. But if your male friend is doing this he is falling over you completely. He constantly brings up something to admire a particular quality of you. Even if you are sad he never fails to make you smile with his adorable and bizarre compliments. He will gush over your beauty and praise it more often.

Not only he compliments your outer physical beauty but he also appreciates your inner splendor. He points out your good qualities to you and makes you feel loved. Another basic sign of noticing these compliments is that he makes you love your own self first.

Acknowledging even the little details about you- the exclusive attention

A strong depiction of love is the undivided attention. When people are in love they acknowledge each other’s feelings, their emotions, and their needs. They make sure that they give their best attention to them. Because only being a physical presence is not the sign of love unless you are also mentally present to that person.

If your male friend is paying exclusive attention to you. If he is treating you differently than his other friends. If he is remembering even the little details about your likings and disliking. Like how you like your drink, how your mood changes to something, how you react to something, and how you enjoy something, etc. Then these are the signs your male friend has feelings for you.

Opens up to you- the real heartful talks

Opening up to someone is not something anyone does to everybody. It requires a lot of courage, trust, and love. A person only shares his heart out to someone he is the most comfortable with, to someone who he trusts, and to someone with whom he wants to remain true.

Talking about oneself to someone is not easy. But when you find that person who you genuinely love and adore then sharing your secrets with them becomes easy. If you are sharing that bond with someone you can imagine the comfort and peace of it. How relaxing it is when someone understands you and acknowledges you. This is the perfect form of showing love and care to someone.

So, if your male friend is also getting vocal about his feelings, his emotions, his thoughts about his career, family, and life. Then it is also a sign he loves you.

Getting critical of your other male friends- the changed body language

Love also comes with jealousy. If you love someone there is a likely chance that you feel possessive towards your crush. Anyone of the opposite gender around your partner makes you a bit jealous. If your guy friend is acting all picky over your other guy friends, boyfriends, and relationships. Then it is the most obvious sign that he is in love with you.

Most men are prone to get jealous. And they even show it in the weirdest ways. It is a guarantee that he won’t like the thought of you dating anyone else besides him. He’ll pick out their little faults and flaws and you can’t even comprehend a good reason for it. the only good reason for such a changed attitude is that he loves you.

Getting more obvious- the point where people starts noticing

Among the many signs, another sign is when people start pointing it out to you. You might ignore all the signs that your male friend has feelings for you but believe me others won’t. It becomes quite easy to analyze if a guy is gushing over a girl.

Well, we all know if boys love someone they become quite obvious in showing their love and care. Then the only thing that matters to them is you. This is when people ask “Is something going on between you two?”. Well, this is when you take the hint and start paying attention to it.

Getting more intimate- the shared intense moments

Signs Your Male Friend Has Feelings For You

Male friend

The strongest gesture of love is intimacy. If you have experienced those intensely vulnerable moments with your guy BFF. Then I think you don’t need any other sign. The sign of intimacy is the acceptance of love towards one another.

There are times when you are upset or when you are happily over-excited. At this time if that one person is around you, you share your every emotion with him at the very instant. This sharing of emotions might lead you towards an intense moment. The moment where you just stare at each other and your eyes say everything. Your heart pounding in your chest like a drum and your brain going all numb. These are the strongest signs of affection and love.

So, if you have experienced any of these feelings or if your male friend has given you such an intimate vibe. Then it is a full proof as one of the signs your male friend has feelings for you.


Confessing one’s feelings is always hard. When a person loves someone truly they think about all the consequences of expressing their feelings. The pros and cons of whether they’ll get accepted or they’ll get rejected. The thought of rejection and losing the friendship keeps crossing the mind.

On the other hand, it also becomes a difficult choice if you do not have the same feelings towards them. If the feelings are mutual then all is merry. But, if the feelings are one-sided then it becomes very hard for both persons. These top ten signs help you better understand the feelings of your friend. And after analyzing them properly you can clearly state your choice to him without compromising the friendship.


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