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Is She Shy or Not Interested: 10 Signs That Tell The Truth




is she shy or not interested

When you are interested in someone, but if hesitance comes into your mind because the person might be overly shy or it seems she has no feelings for you. To not make someone uncomfortable or to know the true nature of the person you have affection for, we will give you the answer to your question, “Is she shy or not interested?”

When you develop feelings for someone, always keep in mind that you have to confine yourself within the boundaries of respect. There are millions of people around the globe, and we are not all the same. We are bounded by many things, like mental health issues, folk culture, religion, societal pressure, ambitions, and the list goes on.

Before falling for someone, always do your research on this to be on the safer side. We all say that these things don’t matter when two people fall in love with each other; that is only the case in one out of 100; for most, these things are of the utmost importance.

Your feelings might be true and pure, though they can create a long-lasting trauma for someone, so always be respectful to the things mentioned and then make your further moves. We will tell you about the 10 signs that will help you determine is she shy or not interested.

Shy people and people who are not interested can not be easily distinguished because the exhibition of traits that convey what she is aren’t as easy to read although we will help you, don’t worry.

Getting Close To You

is she shy or not interested


If the person is trying to get close to you but then can’t initiate a talk, she is shy and tries to come out of her shell. Shy people are like this; talking to someone new is as hard as climbing Mount Everest with bare feet. While on the other hand, a person who is not interested in you will never try to initiate a talk with you, and you can see the patterns. It will always be you who begin; however cold shoulder being given or a general lack of interest means that man isn’t interested in you.

Little details

When someone is in love with you, they will take a peek at you, the way they smile at you, the way they get nervous, the color of their cheeks, and so on. A person who is shy and in love with you will show discomfort because of her nature yet not your presence. The signs can be easily read, however, if a person isn’t interested in you will not show these signs and will be pretty unmoved. If the person you love is shy and not curious, there are ways to read that too. For example, you are in love with that type of person, then her awkwardness will not be there because she is in love with you but because she is not comfortable being shy or in your presence. Almost everyone has the same facial expressions, irrespective of if they are shy or not. Read them.

Texting Back

is she shy or not interested


When and how people text each other tells us about their feelings towards that person. Many introverts or shy people are more at ease behind a mobile screen than talking in person. If she is replying to you with intensity and at a fast pace without making you wait then she is definitely shy and can’t express her feelings but if it is the opposite and there is a lack of intensity and unwillingness to talk normal, then be sure she isn’t interested in you.

Tries To Copy You

Shy people aren’t good with their words. Their actions tell you all about them. Is she shy or interested in you? Her actions can quickly tell this. For example, if you see a sudden change in the way they walk, how they dress, how they do more makeup, etc, and if it is in line with your standards of beauty, then be sure that yes, she is interested; But if it is not the case then perhaps you have to let this one go.

Her best friends

is she shy or not interested


Introverted people are not good at making many friends, they have few friends that they talk to or in fact, one in most cases. You can deduce the way her friend behaves to get to know what the thing is with her. Mostly an introvert doesn’t need to befriend an introvert, there is always a mismatch in friendship, and that is what makes it special.

Approaching the best friend to enquire about the feelings of her friend will be a good idea, only if the vibes you get are good for example, if she is in love with you, her friends will tease her. If she isn’t in love with you and is giving her constant signs, then the friends will have a bad feeling around them and will not be all giggly and happy.

Placing Trust

Shy people will not trust anyone very easily. They have a general lack of trust as one of their main traits. If she is telling you things that are sacred to her or are very deep and you feel she wouldn’t tell these to anyone else, then that is one of the major signs that she is into you as trust is the first name of love. While on the other hand, if she isn’t interested in you, then let alone having deep conversations, she would seldom reply to general queries of yours.


Flirting can be a risky approach to get a sign out of her, as it can be smart as well, and it depends on how you pull it off. Going up front and over the top with your flirting will ruin everything, as if you go subtle and do your job in a calm and composed manner, this is the best approach.

Try to get to know about the likes and dislikes of this person. An introvert is not easy to stalk on social media, and liking and disliking aren’t easy to get but you can always do your research that doesn’t invade her privacy in bad ways. It is up to you how you do it.

Getting to know the liking and disliking is vital because it will give you ideas on how to flirt and with what intensity to do it. If your flirting brings out an unusual feeling where she can’t control her happiness and awkwardness, then be sure she is into you but is shy and if it brings awkwardness and a little expression of anger on her face, then walk away.

Asking For Help

A girl who is not extroverted and has shyness will not easily ask for help easily from you. She will give signs though, and the help you impart to her will mean the world to her. Reading the mind of an introvert is something of great value to them. Girls who are upfront and have feelings for you will also show affection for you, but they ask for help up front though they don’t give signs when they don’t need your help and are not into you.

Shy girls have this incredible way to make you aware of their needs without saying it, but there is a clear difference between not interested and these signs. When someone is not interested and gives negative signs then it means she is not interested.

Showing Nervousness

is she shy or not interested


Shy people tend to play with their hands. You must have seen a fidget spinner that is used to relax in the same manner introverts use their fingers and play with them to show the signs of being nervous and if they are doing it again and again then know that these are one of the major signs of the shy girl being into you. However, it can also be a sign of anxiety because of your presence. It also depends if the other person is a Gemini because the way they express love is very different.


People who are not very open and are confined cannot speak their minds with full confidence, and shy girls aren’t able to even use the little ability they have to speak their minds. It is straightforward to catch a shy girl, who has fallen in love with you by observing how she is using words, how she fails to use the correct words, or do basic mistakes like a kid.

On the other hand, some people suffer from speech disabilities, so don’t go and confuse a shy person with her and get yourself embarrassed.


is she shy or not interested

Mental Disorder

Shy people are very hard to tackle when you are in a relationship with them. Understanding them while having an extrovert personality will not be easy for you. Getting to know the signs is very easy but then after you are in a relationship with her, you will be surprised to see that this shyness isn’t always cute and it can be the result of some bad experience from her past. Shyness can be forced by culture on her, too and you might be confusing oppression with shyness.

Some people who are shy on the surface suffer from mental disorders like narcissistic or borderline personality disorders so it is better to check if they don’t show signs of these menacing disorders.

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