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Houston Vs Austin – All Things Compared




Houston Vs Austin

The Houston vs Austin debate is pretty much won by Houston from the general comparison that we have made but the decision at the end can’t be applied on every individual reading this article because the subjectivity is something that we can’t beat and is out of the scope of this article but we can try.

Austin is a place that is more tailored for people trying to live on the cheap while having good job opportunities and start a family. The place is nice enough that you can even own a house in few years as it is relatively cheaper than many cities in the United States.

On the other hand, the city of Austin is more suited for people who are traveling and need a place to spend some time away from where you live. The music scene is something that shouldn’t be taken for granted and if you want to blend in for a specific period of time in the culture of the state of Texas while not sacrificing much on the modern-day necessities, then no place is better than Austin for you.

We are here in the battle of Texas; the huge metropolis of Houston is an action with the capital of the state, Austin. Both cities have a diverse culture backed by pros and cons that make it tough for a person to choose in the Houston vs Austin debate, but we are here to make this debate lively but conclusive for you.


Houston Vs Austin


You are someone who needs a job and is looking to earn money in a new city. The Houston vs Austin debate choice is simply Houston because the job opportunities in Houston are plentiful compared to Austin. The statistics would show that Austin has the edge over Houston, but it is not the case.

Let’s look at the unemployment rate in Houston, it is 8.00% in comparison to the 5.3% in Austin, but this doesn’t tell you the true story. The population of Austin is less than Houston by a big margin and it seems like a small town in comparison to the city of Houston, so keeping the population density and these statistics in mind, Houston has better employment opportunities after an in-depth analysis of the market.

Cost of living

Houston Vs Austin

Which one is heavy on the wallet?

The cost of living is an important aspect whenever you are on the lookout to find a place to move into as it makes or breaks your financial situation. The place to live in is Houston in the Houston vs Austin debate if you are someone who wants to have a good financial budget at the end of the month. Let’s get into more details about it.

The average rent for a studio is $900 here in Houston, while a 1 bedroom apartment will cost you on average $1000; increasing the number of bedrooms increases the rent by $300 per room. While on the other hand, a studio is around $1100 per month on average in Austin; the one-bedroom apartment will cost you about $118 per month with an increase of $400 as you increase the number of bedrooms.

The overall cost of living is way higher in Austin than in the whole state of texas and the average cost of living of the whole United States, not just Houston. If we dig deep into details, the grocery shopping will be a lesser burden on your bank account in Austin than in Houston, but the health expenses, which are much more than the grocery expenses, are lesser in Houston than Austin. The Houston vs Austin debate is won by a big margin by Houston when it comes to housing as it is fairly cheaper to get one on rent in comparison to Austin and to build a house will cost you $185,500 in Houston while in Austin you have to pay in excess of $350,000 which is a big burden on someone who is dreaming of owning their house. The transportation costs in Houston are higher than in Austin but by a slight margin, the reason behind is that the city of Houston has a higher population and more traffic in comparison to Austin.


The traffic situation is not something you can directly judge without looking at the infrastructure. Yes, more population means more traffic, and it is common sense, but the way the systems are developed can make the place with a higher population more suitable in the overall flow. Austin has a lesser population and overall better traffic situation but if it is hampered, then it will be a big headache for the people living there because the flow is easy because of natural selection, not the system implemented in the city. The city of Austin only has one major highway, which is not enough even for the 950,807 people living there, and it won’t be able to sustain it in the longer run. Read more about the importance of traffic in the debate between these two cities.

Fun in Houston

When it comes to recreational activities, then Austin takes the edge in the Houston vs Austin brawl.

Houston Vs Austin

Explore the space in Houston

Houston is a family-friendly city and traveling here will be fun if you have one. The nature, animals, and scientific knowledge for your kids will be plentiful. The food in Houston is the best in the state and Austin doesn’t even come close to it. The general misconception about the city is that it is not fun enough but the fun is a subjective thing and if you dig deep you will find that it is a great place to spend your holidays in.

The NASA Johnson Space Center is a place where abundant knowledge known to humankind is available. You can get to see the gears of the astronauts and many other exhibitions of the limits of humanity in this place. The Houston Musem of Natural Science will blow the mind of budding adults away with Dinosaurs, Pompei and Volcanos exhibited in the museum.

Fun in Austin

Houston Vs Austin

Music Fanatics

Houston surely is a fun place, but Austin by a country mile is better than it; despite the subjective nature of fun, we must say that contradicting the initial statement made here seems the right thing to do. Austin, which is becoming one of the most go-to areas in the United States and is becoming the true representation of the state of Texas with a is a hill country dream of many people.

Let’s start with the music of this city It is called the live music capital of the world and has a great cultural history behind every tune you will hear in the capital of Texas. From punk music, Rap music to soothing music, you will find everything here. Austin City has the Moody Theatre which is on the bucket list of many musicians and music lovers and it hosts many artists from an array of genres. It is there as a spectacle and it stands tall showing the world that Texas is one of the greatest places on earth for the greatest art that has no boundaries, the art of music.

The outdoors and the natural beauty of Austin are way ahead of what you will find in Houston. The city is built so beautifully that you don’t need to go elsewhere for a few days, but nature is continuously enhanced in specific areas like Lady Bird Lake, Barton Springs, and Mount Bonnell. The greatest surprise in this city is its heart, and it will require a long-distance commutation to reach there, and it is the Texas Hill Country. The real essence of living in Texas is felt, and it has springs like the Krause Springs, the Hamilton Pool, the olive plantations, and many other hidden places that many people don’t know yet like the Wimberly.

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