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Can Dogs Eat Avocado? 10 Things You Must Know




Can Dogs Eat Avocado

Can Dogs Eat Avocado? The answer is a yes or a no, and it depends on the amount and other factors. Avocados are generally considered harmful for animals due to the toxin called person, which can cause severe health issues in animals, but for humans, it is very good, and it has been used in the treatment of breast cancer as well.

Why can dogs have Avocados?

Yes, unlike other animals, dogs have tolerance for avocados, and the flesh of the avocado can be a great source of nutrients for them. The pit, the leaves, and the avocados’ skin should be avoided at all costs, as it can cause severe health issues in your dogs. To find out more about the question “Is Avocado good for your dogs.” read our 10 most important precautions below.

Important things you must know before feeding your dogs avocados

The amount

The amount of Avocados you feed your dogs is very important. One avocado in a day is absolutely fine, but increasing it to 2 or 3 avocados in the day can lead to severe gastrointestinal problems, diarrhea, and vomiting, which can even prove fatal if not administered correctly.


Avocado contains a plethora of nutrients that can be very beneficial for your dogs. Like the vitamins A, B6, C, and E and fiber, that can boost the health of your dog while keeping their digestive system in check and help fight diseases in dogs, for example, the lack of vitamin B6 in dogs is one of the main causes of anorexia in dogs and giving them avocados which are rich in healthy fats and vitamin B6 can lower the risks of your dogs suffering from this. But certain dogs can’t tolerate a high amount of fats because of intestinal diseases, so it is better to add it to your dogs’ diet by consulting it with your vet.

Ways of feeding your dogs avocados

Can Dogs Eat Avocado

feeding your dogs avocados

If your dog is not very fond of eating Avocados, you can try certain recipes to include them in your dog’s diet. Then this recipe can help you.


  1. 1/3 cup avocado, mashed (remove the skin and the pit)
  2. a third of a cup of peanut butter
  3. a single egg
  4. a third of a cup of oats
  5. 12 teaspoon powdered baking soda


  1. Preheat the oven to 350 degrees Fahrenheit.
  2. A baking sheet should be greased and lined.
  3. Combine all ingredients
  4. Form a soft dough
  5. Gauge out even portions with a spoon, roll each into a ball, and place it on the baking sheet.
  6. Preheat oven to 350°F and bake for 10 to 15 minutes, or until golden brown.

Like these, there are many other recipes that you can find online and treat your dog well.

Artificial Avocado based Dog food

Can Dogs Eat Avocado

Avocado based Dog food

Most owners are afraid of persin, so pet food companies worldwide have started making Avocado food for dogs free from this chemical. It is wholly made out of the flesh of avocado and avocado oil, which are free from the infamous toxin persin but it doesn’t mean it is completely safe. Not every dog has a liking for artificial dog food, and it can cause health issues like vomiting in dogs, so administer it with care and see how your dog is reacting to this food.

Dogs and Avocado – FAQ

Is Avocado oil good for dogs?”

Avocado oil is considered to be free from persin and most dogs can tolerate it well but there have been many complications reported on how it causes vomiting in dogs leading to acute health issues. ”

Is the flesh of the avocado safe for dogs?

Yes, the pit is completely safe for your dogs and is one of the reasons your dogs can have avocados. It contains high-fat contents so the amount you feed them must be adequate and not in excess. Why avocados pose the risk of pancreatitis? Avocados contain high-fat content and dogs are not built to tolerate high-fat content. A moderate amount of fat is good for your dog as it increases your dog’s overall energy level and enables them to take 2.5 times more energy from fats compared to carbohydrates but always be careful with fats!

Can you trust your dog near an avocado plant?

No! Persin is in very high amounts in the stem, leaves, and pits of an Avocado, and leaving them alone will cause catastrophic for your dog. What is the most dangerous part of avocado for your dogs? The most dangerous part is the pit. As it poses two main threats. Number one, is that it contains a high amount of persin. The second one is that, it can be a source of choking in your dog; always remember the rounder the avocado the bigger the pit, so avoid using round avocados.

What science says about avocado for your dogs?

FASEB Journal in 2012 published a study, in which 40 beagles were given an avocado extract from the flesh for six months. The study’s finding showed no signs of harmful effects on the beagles and it confirms that the flesh of the Avocados is generally considered safe for the dogs unless they have allergies. 


Hopefully, this has answered your concerns about avocado for your dogs. It is still considered a controversial topic and some agree with Avocado being safe for your dogs while others disagree and consider it a human food only. But over the years as the artificial dog food industry sprung up, the dog owners now disregard many natural foods and that without proper knowledge. If you ask me “Is an avocado good for a dog?” My answer would be, a firm yes! Don’t fall for half-baked knowledge and find alternatives to the artificial dog food out there as they are not 100% safe and are one of the major reasons for heart failure in dogs.

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