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What does it mean to straddle someone?




what does it mean to straddle someone

Straddling someone, straddling a guy, straddling your boyfriend, these are all the common phrases you most probably would have heard already. But do you know what does it mean to straddle someone? Are you aware of what it means when we say to straddle someone? If you are still curious and have little to no idea of what the term “to straddle someone” means, then you are in the right place. You are exactly where you should be. In this article, we will try to explore, dive deep, and find out what is straddling and how is it like straddling someone. Stay tuned and read till the end to find out the basic definitions and the main concept behind this term.

What does it mean to straddle someone?

In simple words, straddling someone means to sit with your legs wide open. In other words, spreading your legs to either side of a person’s waist. We can also use the term while sitting on a horse. When someone climbs a horse for riding or say, sits on it by spreading his legs in such a way that each leg is on either side of the horse, we say that person straddled the horse. We can also use the term for vehicles like motorbikes etc. For example, we can say, that guy swung his leg high in the air over his dirt bike, straddling it with ease and without any hassle.

Generally, we use this term for couples when one partner straddles another one by sitting on their lap by spreading their legs and placing each on either side of the other partner’s waist.  However, for newbies, it is important to know how to behave in front of your crush. It is certainly not a good idea to straddle your partner on your very first date. It can lead to negative consequences and might ruin both your relationship and friendship.

What does it mean to straddle someone

Straddling your significant other is one of the most amazing feelings ever.

People quite often talk about straddling their boyfriend and it is no doubt an amazing idea to have a good time ahead. However, you should know the right timing. If you don’t know the right timing, things might end up pretty messed up. You can straddle your partner nearly everywhere, even in the car, but then again make sure you read the signs clearly. If you feel like straddling your partner in the car, make sure you park your car in an area where no one sees you or use car shades to blind the windshield and side windows. The next step is obviously straddling your partner in the best way possible. Note that it is very important at this very moment to read your partner’s signs clearly. If things start going well, proceed further and enjoy your time. If things go otherwise, don’t worry, you can try some other time.

The Bottom Line

What does it mean to straddle someone? A simple and commonly used phrase that has a number of definitions. There are more than 90% chances that you had heard this phrase before but knowing the exact definition and idea can be confusing. Many people don’t even know about it. It can be used for people as well as for animals and things. A horse or a donkey can be straddled, a vehicle can be straddled, and even a person can be straddled. In the above discussion, we found out what it really means to straddle someone and what is it like to straddle a person. Now you know the actual definition and the concept behind straddling someone.



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