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What is Picuki – How is this application related to Instagram?




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Picuki Introduction

Given the rave attention, Instagram is gaining as a social media platform; it only makes sense that everyone on the Internet is excited to be part of it. However, some old souls in the digital space are not interested in being part of this hype but want to feel included. Picuki is designed keeping in mind these lovely old souls!

Picuki is gaining a lot of attention as an alternate platform to Instagram. So, what exactly is Picuki? Why is it gaining so much attention? What can you do on Picuki, and what can you not? Is Picuki safe and legal?

These questions that might have crossed your mind, and we are here to help you navigate this new application and its purposes.

What is Picuki?

Very simply defined, Picuki is an Instagram editor and viewer. Some may consider it as an alternate platform to Instagram as it is a free tool that allows you to browse, edit, and access profiles, stories, followers, posts, tags, and locations of Instagram users for an unlimited period. Additionally, Picuki can also be used to download content from the social media platform.

Tools like Picuki allow you to use Instagram creatively and contribute to the ever-growing digital art space through the edits and re-edits of content created on social media without experiencing the common gatekeeping on these media platforms. One feature of Picuki that sets it apart from its competitors and Instagram is that you can use Picuki without having or establishing an Instagram account.

What exactly does Picuki do?

What Picuki can do? What Picuki cannot do
Edit photos, filters, text, stories, etc., by downloading content from Instagram Follow any accounts on Instagram.
View content on Instagram daily without owning an Instagram account, Watch live streams on the social media platform.
Gain access to posts of celebs and influencers Like, comment, or share an Instagram post
Explore trending posts and tags. View content on the carousel mode
Search for posts, tags, names, profiles, and locations View or download content from a private profile.
Access all the features offered by Instagram anonymously

How can I use Picuki?

There are several ways to use Picuki for its various functions. You can directly search for the name of the profile, picture, tag, or location you are looking for. You could also attempt the same with the Instagram username of the user of the profile. Illustrated below is a simple and elaborate guide on how to use Picuki:

Step One: Access Picuki

The first step is to launch the web browser on your PC or mobile. Additionally, you can also visit Picuki’s official website.

Step Two: Search for the content you are looking for on Picuki

You will see a search box on the screen. Copy the user’s name, profile, location, or tag into the search box and click search. You may come across multiple profiles with the same username and id, so make sure that you select the closest username to the original. Match the original id to the multiple options Picuki offers through its comprehensive search results.

Step Three: View the profile through Picuki

Once you have found the matching username, you must click the hyperlink, and you will be able to view the profile and all of their posts and content as long as their Instagram is open to “public” views. When you scroll down, you have the “load more” option to access all a user’s posts and content.

Step Four: Edit, download and customise posts from Instagram

Select the image, video, reel, or story you want to download or edit. You will be provided with multiple options such as crops, filters, adjust, text, sticker, brush, focus, and border. Once satisfied with your edits, you can easily download your newly customised image and resize it accordingly.

Is it safe to use Picuki?

Picuki profiles

A platform that offers these many benefits and could also save you from falling into the Instagram scroll hole should be illegal.  Well, here is some good news for you!

Picuki is entirely anonymous and legal. Fair use of all Picuki’s services is considered legal. Thus, it is a safe and secure website and application that allows you to access content from Instagram without having an account on the website. All the beta testing done on the platform suggests that it provides complete anonymity to the users of Picuki. If the account is public, posts, stories, reels, and videos can be viewed, edited, and downloaded. However, it is essential to note that the application holds no responsibility for the possible copyright infringement that may occur because of downloading and reusing images on one’s social media platforms. Additionally, you cannot view a profile set to “private” viewing settings. You will have to avail yourself of the services of an alternate application to do the same.

Specifically, want to be roped into the hype that social media platforms like Instagram, often get or become part of the “scroll crew” and spend all your time just going through reels recommended specifically for you, allowing Picuki to make your life a lot easier for you. Our user-friendly interface and simple algorithm allow you to access the information you require and need from multiple devices. You can even do the same anonymously, safely, and in a legally secure manner.

Download Picuki’s web browser or mobile application, or visit the official website today to curate the content you want to consume on social media.

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