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Steeve Joseph Biography 2024 – Career & Personal Information




Steeve Joseph

Steeve Joseph is a Malayali content creator who started from TikTok and now publishes his content on Instagram, YouTube, and TikTok. This 21-year-old actor is gaining popularity among the youth and influencing the new generation. Here are all the details about Steeve Joseph age, his social media accounts, and his entire biography that you need to know.

Steeve Joseph Wikipedia

Steve Joseph’s life is well documented through social media.

Steeve started his career as a social media influencer and acted in 2019 with Dubsmash. From Dubsmash he shifted to TikTok and then to Instagram reels. He focuses on all the latest ideas and options on social media and avails them to the fullest. He is known as a lip sync artist, actor, fashion model, and UGC video content creator. Here are all the details about his life, his career, and his personality.

Steeve Joseph age

Steve Joseph is 21 years old in 2022. He was born in Pathanamthitta in Kerala, India. He lives in Konni and most of his videos are produced in the same area at different locations or his home. When Steeve Joseph age was in his teen years, he started working for multiple advertisements and commercials that helped him in earning through his work.

Steeve Joseph birthday Date

Steeve Joseph birthday Date

Steeve Joseph birthday date is on 14 March 2001. His zodiac sign is Libra and he mostly creates special content for his birthday in which he shows how he celebrates it. He has a small family that includes his parents and one sister who is two years older than him.

Steeve Joseph Instagram and social accounts

Instagram Id: stevejoseph 1.8 million followers
TikTok Id: steevejoseph_ 990.5k followers

You can find Steve Joseph’s account on Instagram at this handle: “steevejoseph.”. He currently has 1.8 million followers on Instagram and is gaining more followers with every passing day. His TikTok account handle is steevejoseph_ where he currently has 990.5k followers and 27.4M likes.

You can also find his videos on YouTube at ‘steeve Joseph’. He keeps his entire social media accounts very active and works on posting on all these accounts.

Steve Joseph personal life

Steve Joseph personal life

Steeve likes to keep his love life private from all his social media accounts. The rumors about him reflect that he is dating a girl who is also a social media influencer but none of them has shared any details nor have they disclosed their relationship anywhere. Till now no one has a clue about the girl but the followers know that he is dating someone for sure.

Steeve Joseph sister

Steeve Joseph sister’s name is Sandra Hannah who is also a fashion model, lip sync artist, and a TikToker who works on creative content. She was born in 1999 on 14 November and will be 24 years old in 2022. She entered this field first with her brother in whose videos she started acting and then after getting the recognition she created her own social media presence. As TikTok got banned in India so she started working on MyJosh App and Instagram which are now her two main social media accounts. She currently has 663K followers on Instagram and with her talent, they are growing very frequently.

Steve Joseph accident

Steve Joseph accident

In November of 2020, Steeve had a very major accident due to which he had to spend weeks being hospitalized. He was on a bike with his friend, going through a dark forest during a rainstorm. As a result, he got some major injuries on his right shoulder and the right side of his face. His eye took one year to be properly healed but still, now he has a very prominent mark near his eye which seems permanent.

Educational details

Steve Joseph gained his primary education from Netaji Higher Secondary School, Pramadom. After his school, he further started college at St. Thomas College Thavalappara. From his college, he graduated in 2021 during the times of quarantine when he was forced to give online examinations and took online classes. His accident also became a major barrier in his studies as well as in his career as a social influencer.

Steeve Joseph hobbies

Steeve entered this industry when he was quite young and has worked very hard to maintain the bar he created. He loves to eat healthy food and tries to maintain a healthy lifestyle by spending a lot of time in the gym to keep his body maintained. Steeve is a foody as well as a gym freak and he is a perfect model for the people who try to remain healthy and also get to eat junk food. His favorite cuisine includes Indian and Chinese food.

Steeve Joseph hobbies

Another thing he is very much fond of is acting and dancing. These two are the things that he can’t live without. In an interview, he mentions that his favorite male actor is Shahrukh Khan and his female actress is Alia Bhatt.

Physical features

Steeve is very young which is one of the reasons that he is gaining so much popularity from the young generation who are following him. Steve is quite handsome with his black colored eyes and black hair. He keeps himself maintained and weighs 60 kg. His height is 5 feet 4 inches.

Family details

Steeve’s family is very small including his parents and his older sister. His mother’s name is Biji Joseph she is a housewife. She sometimes becomes a part of his videos and pictures that shows how sweet and simple a lady she is. His father’s occupation is unknown to the people as he never shared it and his sister follows a similar path to him in content creation.

Steve’s appearance in the movie

Steve also worked in multiple Tamil movies for short roles which shows a great chance for his future in acting. Till now the major role that he played was in the short film ‘Chembattu Mana’. Since this work, he started getting more collaborations and working with numerous brands to advertise their products and services.

Net worth

steve net worth

Steve’s net worth is 90 lakh INR. He built his career from acting and creating content from a young age and is currently earning 3 lakh rupees per month. This is the basic amount he earns and apart from this sometimes he also gets some very amazing projects that help him to earn extra.


He was born into a Roman Catholic family and follows Christianity. He is proud of the religion he follows and often shares posts that are related to his religion.

Overview of Steeve Joseph’s life

Steeve Joseph is becoming a very popular personality at this time, especially on TikTok and Instagram. People are following him from different parts of the world and a lot of content creators are also following a similar path by copying Steeve’s style. You can find all the latest Steeve Josepth photos on his social media accounts where the mostly uploads his pictures as stories.

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