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Jagermeister Price in India – Updated List 2024




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For a lot of people, Jager is one of the most preferred kinds of beverages. There are many positive aspects to this drink. Jagermeister is a herbal liquor with a bitter taste that is manufactured in Germany using a particular recipe. It contains spices, fruits, and over 50 kinds of herbs. This drink comes in a square bottle green color and looks distinctive from other types of drinks. Just like these facts, there are a lot of others that you are going to learn here in the following points.

About the term Jagermeister

In the German language, the term Jagermeister comes from the term “master hunters”. The main purpose of this beverage is to motivate the spirits of hunters. The deer with horns on the bottle is also a reference that this drink was made for hunters. Its name also has another meaning which is “promise”. This term is very famous as it allows people to put their trust in this drink. These days, the usage of this drink is getting huge attention from people all across the world. Its amazing taste and the distinctive boose make people search for Jagermeister prices in India and in other countries.

History of Jagermeister

Curt Mast was a German hunter that comes up with the creation of Jagermeister. Curl was from Wolfenbüttel in the southwest of Berlin. He took over his father’s company in the 1930s which was a vinegar firm. He came up with this drink by trying out different spices and herbs. His main goal was to make a drink that is sour in taste and make people drink it slowly. With a 35 percent ABV concentration, Curt was able to make this drink with an amazing power to boost the spirit of people. For this drink, he found a type of concoction which was also known as a remedy for different countries.

Jagermeister prices in different states of India

According to different states, the Jagermeister price in India is different as well. Following is the price list for a 1000 ml bottle of Jagermeister.

State Price- INR
Delhi 2150
Punjab 1715
Chennai 2370
Hyderabad 2475
Chandigarh 2000
Bangalore 2764
  • Jagermeister price in Delhi is 2150 INR
  • Jagermeister price in Punjab is 1715 INR
  • Jagermeister price in Chennai is 2370 INR
  • Jagermeister price Hyderabad is 2475 INR
  • Jagermeister price in Chandigarh is 2000 INR
  • Jagermeister price in Bangalore is 2764 INR

Some amazing facts about Jagermeister

Jagermeister’s stories make it even more appealing to consumers.


Jagermeister still contains the same ingredients that Curl used in the 1930s to make this amazing drink. The company has not disclosed the secret recipe of this beverage and its manufacturing unit is still in Wolfenbüttel. Just like these, there are some other factors about this drink that are mentioned below.

Jagermeister is vegan

Because of the deer label on the bottle of Jagermeister, many people have thought that this drink contains the blood of a deer. In this regard, the making company has broken this myth by declaring that this drink does not contain any kind of animal blood and organs. Not just this, in 2018 they also state that the recipe of Jagermeister is completely vegan. They said that the recipe is similar to their cold brew coffee which gets the attention of the vegan community to this amazing drink. However, the original recipe is still in the shadow.

Takes a year to manufacture

There is a very lengthy process behind the making of Jagermeister. This process contains the storage of ingredients in oak barrels for almost 365 days. After that, there are 383 quality checks through which this drink goes. In the end, it is filtered by using water, alcohol, sugar, and caramel. All of this is just to ensure the taste and quality that users will get.

Jagermeister is a healthy beverage

Some people that drink Jagermeister regularly have stated it helps them with different medical issues. It is an herbal drink which means that all of its ingredients should be organic. Its healing properties contain freedom from sore throats, easing cough, and resolving flu. But, due to the reason that the company has not provided its original recipe, it is hard to get actual medical facts about this beverage.

The story of the logo

A pair of patron saints are behind the idea of the logo of Jagermeister. Those saints were hunters that had come to Christianity after witnessing a stag’s antlers. It has a story of a brave Roman general behind it. His wealth, wife, and children, he lost everything. But he did not lose hope and his faith and got everything back. This overwhelming story is behind the creation of the logo that comes on the bottle of Jager.

Can be used in cooking

Jager is capable of enhancing many dishes. Its herbal ingredients are the reasons why it works perfectly for cooking. People are making chicken wing sauces, fudgy brownies, and marinade by using this beverage. Even different food-making companies are coming up with ideas to make amazing items by using it. For instance, some common fast-food options made by this beverage are The Ultimate Charred Jagermeister Burger, Black Pepper-Jägermeister “Special Sauce”, Jagermeister-Caramel Pork Tenderloin, Jägermeister Grilled Steak, and many more. All because of the feature of this drink to add remarkable flavors to food items.

Jagermeister contains 56 ingredients

Jagermeister contains a number of seeds, spices, roots, fruits, and herbs. Yes, no one still knows the exact recipe of the drink. Even the director of marketing of the company said that he has no idea regarding the recipe during a press conference. He said that he believes the drink could have poppy seeds, saffron, juniper berries, and star anise. But one thing that is sure is that it has a total of 56 herbs inside it as ingredients.

Some popular Jager recipes

People that love to have an extra boost for their drinks, usually make combinations of cocktails from Jagermeister. Following are some recipes that are easy to make by using this beverage.

Jagermeister drinks

  • Jagerita: For this drink, the very first drink is one shot of Jager. Take some lemon juice, fresh slices of lemons, ice, and 15 ml Triple Sec. You can also use Cointreau as an alternative to the Triple Sec.
  • Jager mate: Jager mate is a famous cocktail drink that contains peels of oranges, grapefruit, and lemon. Mate soft drink is also necessary to complete this drink along with with the Jagermeister itself.
  • Jagermeister Rudi: To make this drink, all you need to get is a small bottle of beer, Jagermeister, and a high-ball glass. Make sure to keep the Jager below in the glass and add the beer on top of it. It will help the foam of the beer to remain on the top of the glass. Also, make sure to serve the drink perfectly chilled.
  • Jagermeister cocktail: This amazing type of drink contains Vodka, Kahlua, Grenadine, and the Jagermeister. The key to making it is to combine all ingredients and serve it with two or three cubes of ice inside of it.

Conclusion: Jagermeister is a perfect beverage

Jagermeister price in India is very affordable even after its remarkable taste and quality. You can have this drink straight without adding anything. Or you can also make cocktails of different combinations out of it. It has the boose to make your day instantly. Plus, its vegan nature makes people able to drink it without having any worries regarding their health. To sum up, a huge history and richness in features, make Jagermeister so popular everywhere.

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