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How has the Internet Revolutionized Political Campaigns?




How has the Internet Revolutionized Political Campaigns

Who in this century does not know about Internet? It is on the tip of the tongue of every human being. This is the modern age, where the internet is daily use in every person’s life. On one hand, it has made the world a global village by surpassing huge distances between people. On the other hand, it has brought in new ways for everything. Every layman is familiar with the Internet and is using it in their day-to-day life. It provides information, entertainment, communication, and awareness among other things. Every age, race, and society is using it for their benefit. It is being used by teachers, students, officers, politicians, and everyone else as well but how has the internet revolutionized political campaigns? Let us tell you.

As the internet has started to become more famous, it has started being used by different organizations. Government is one of the organizations which is using the internet to promote its information. Political leaders always try to find ways to up their game and make sure they get the most votes to win. For this purpose, they stay aware of new inventions. Nowadays, the internet is being used to revolutionize the political world. This revolution is brought about in many ways and even brought cultural changes.

An important news source

How has the Internet Revolutionized Political Campaigns

Internet and Politics

The political world needs a fast source for the transfer of news. The Internet has been used for the purpose of spreading news. People hungry for knowledge quench their thirst for knowledge through the internet, as it has information on every single thing. It helps in gaining information and awareness on a topic. People go online and search for specific information.

Wikipedia gives information on any politician we need to find. One can gain knowledge on a person’s early life to his present life in just a few minutes. Before the internet, people had close to no information on a person. He had no details about a person’s biography unless written by an author in the form of a book. But now, if one wants to look up a politician or a political party, they can do it in a matter of seconds

An easy way of communication

How has the Internet Revolutionized Political Campaigns

Communication made easy.

Political campaigns need communication for various purposes. Communication is an everyday need. In this modern busy world, communication keeps a man in contact with his family, friends, colleagues, and business associates. Communication helps a person in interacting with other people to share emotions and feelings, as well as discuss various aspects of life. The Internet has helped people and politicians in communicating with each other through messages, calls, and video calls. This way the internet helps solve the question of how has Internet revolutionized political campaigns.

Politicians use the internet to communicate among themselves as well as with the public masses. They portray their situations on the internet to gain the sympathy of the people and win the elections altogether.

Moreover, politicians use the internet to contact their political party members. They communicate to the people not present in the country or state through the internet to prevent a communication gap.


Less face to face interaction

video conference

Political campaigns without face-to-face interaction seem impossible. How is a person supposed to campaign for his arty without speaking in front of a huge mass of people? The prior two years have been known for the least physical contact. COVID-19 made people lock themselves in their own houses to protect themselves from this deathly pandemic. No one was allowed to go out of their houses. In this way, face-to-face deliverance of speeches was brought to a halt. Without the internet, everything including politics would have been in utter chaos.

The Internet helped regulate all systems at almost a normal pace. Through the internet, the political leaders were able to stay in touch with the public masses and their followers. They used social platforms to send out their messages and videos regarding their upcoming plans. They used youngsters’ platforms such as Facebook and Twitter to socialize with their followers. They tweeted about their decisions.

Through the internet, the political parties remained in contact among themselves as well, they did their conferences on online video call platforms to discuss the different outcomes of their plans.

Trolling other political leaders

Politics and rivalry go hand in hand. There is no political party that does not hold a grudge against other parties. The rivalry has been known to man since forever. Man has always found an enemy to hold a grudge against. This grudge has led to people killing or insulting their rivals.

Political leaders use the internet for the same purpose as well. The rivalry among politicians is not a hidden agenda. All the political parties fight a democratic war to win the rule over a country. To win this war they go to extreme measures. Even if it means bringing down the other leader to the depths of shame and humiliation. There is no better way to spread rumors than through the internet. The Internet circulates the rumor through every person’s mind until it gets viral. In the past, it took ages for a rumor to spread to every person. But today, a rumor spreads like a wildfire. This trolling and degrading help the politicians by changing the views of the people and they start following the other political party.


The Internet has revolutionized not only the political campaigning ways but also the whole world. The Internet has brought to sight many unknown situations that were just a myth to a person of the 1800s. The question should be how has the internet not revolutionized political campaigns instead of how has the Internet revolutionized political campaigns. The Internet has made campaigning for political parties too much easier that they mostly rely on the internet for various purposes. The Internet has helped very much in the pandemic phase that enveloped the whole world. The politicians would not have been able to continue their campaign if it weren’t for the internet.


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