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Top Absolut Vodka Brands in India With Prices List 2024




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Are you looking for the price of your favorite vodka drink in India? Well, in different Indian states, it can be different. This is why we are providing you with a complete guide on the ‘absolut vodka price Mumbai’ and ‘absolut vodka price Delhi.’ Aside from knowing the absolut vodka price in different Indian states, you can also find valuable information regarding the history and background of Absolut Vodka. Keep reading to know the price of top absolut vodka brands in India.

What is The Absolut Vodka Price in Mumbai And Other Indian Cities?

Are you planning to give your friend a special drink as a gift? Or, wish to experience the endless calmness of the purest Vodka? Whatever the situation may be, a bottle of Vodka can certainly be the solution. Now, before you go out to buy a bottle of Absolut Vodka, it would be helpful to know the price range of different flavours of Absolut Vodka and where you can get it at the best price.

Let us tell you that Absolut Vodka is a worldwide popular drink which is also loved by many people in India. In this article, we discuss what makes absolut Vodka so popular and learn about absolut vodka price Mumbai and absolut vodka price Delhi. Check out our complete list of ‘absolut vodka price India’ and buy this absolutely pure spirit to make your day more memorable.

What is Absolut Vodka: Absolut Vodka Price India

Absolut Vodka is a famous brand of Vodka which is popularly known for its different flavored versions, such as Pepper and Citron. These Vodka drinks have achieved worldwide high ratings. After Smirnoff and Bacardi, Absolut is one of the latest brands of spirits in the world. Popularly known for its marketing strategies and impeccable taste, Absolut Vodka is extremely popular in India.

This cool drink is widely bought by people in Mumbai and Delhi. People often want to know the ‘Absolut Vodka Price Mumbai’ or ‘Absolut Vodka Price Delhi.’ This is why we are here providing you with a complete guide on absolut Vodka and its price range in different Indian states. Checking the price range can help you know in which Indian city you will get the absolut Vodka at the lowest price.

Do you know that the price you see on the bottle of Vodka is the price set by the state government? This is why the price of absolut Vodka varies from state to state. Every state government excise website has the price of different types of liquor. Before we move to the ‘Absolut vodka price Mumbai and Absolut Vodka price Delhi,’ let us first see the history of this cool drink and how it originated.

History of Absolut Vodka

You might have seen the face of an old guy on the bottle of Absolut Vodka. When it comes to the history of Absolut Vodka, that person certainly has a significant role in it. Lars Olsson Smith was the founder of Absolut Rant Brannvin, which means absolutely pure spirit. In 1877, he figured out a way to distill Vodka. Later he used his skill to create “Absolut Rent Brannvin,” which means absolute pure spirit.

L.O. Smith

Today, we know it as Absolut. The name ‘Absolut Rent Brannvin’ was given to describe the purity of this drink. Absolut contains nothing other than undiluted and pure ingredients, which makes this drink so popular. The old guy that you see on the bottle of Absolut Vodka was also a parliamentarian and entrepreneur. He was born in Karlskrona, Sweden, and after identifying his skills, he moved to Stockholm, where he started manufacturing and selling Vodka.

With his skills and Vodka, Lars Olsson Smith also challenged the liquor marketing monopoly of Stockholm. He made his manufactured Vodka successful by offering free boat rides to the distillery. However, in 1917, the government in Sweden monopolized the alcohol industry, and the ‘Absolut Rant Brannvin’ was started selling nationwide. It was in 1979 when the absolut Vodka was introduced to the global market. As of 2018 statistics, over 100 million liters of absolut Vodka are sold annually.

Absolut Vodka Price Mumbai

The prices vary depending on the bottle size, but not usually based on flavor.

Vodka is very famous in Mumbai for its amazing flavors. This absolutely pure drink is prepared by the fermentation of a sugar solution of any natural source. Some of the most popular sources from which Vodka is prepared to include wheat, rye, potatoes, and corn. What makes this drink most popular is that it barely contains any congeners or impurities. Further, absolut Vodka barely has any added colorings or flavorings. However, many brands of Vodka now have launched their flavours with different fruit extracts and essences like vanilla and raspberry.

Want to know ‘absolut vodka price Mumbai?’ Then, check out our detailed price list of absolut Vodka in the city of Mumbai.

Price of Absolut Vodka 750 ml

The Absolut Vodka 750 ml is one of the most sold vodka drinks in Indian states, including Mumbai. The absolut vodka 750ml bottle contains alcohol by 40% volume, and it weighs 1430 grams. The absolut vodka price Mumbai of the 750 ml bottle is INR 1,400.

Price of Absolut Vodka Blue 1 liter

Absolut Vodka Blue

This colorless drink comes with a light aroma of winter wheat. Absolut Vodka Blue contains winter wheat and water. This popular drink has a mild pleasant taste with some hints of wheat. If you want to buy this non-aging drink, then here we are with the price of Absolut Vodka blue 1 liter. The absolut vodka price Mumbai of the absolut blue 1 liter is INR 1650.

Price of Absolut Mango 1 liter

Absolut Mango

This popular flavour of absolut Vodka came into existence in 2007. Absolut Mango has no added sugars and is 100% natural. This flavored Vodka is juicy and luscious. If you want to taste a flavored absolut vodka, then the absolut mango will surely not disappoint you. You will get the aroma of mango blended with the taste of mango. The absolut vodka price Mumbai of this mango flavour is INR 1700.

Price of Absolut Mandrin 1 litre

Absolut Mandrin

If you want to get a taste of Vodka with a citrus twist, then Absolut Mandrin is perfect for you. This Vodka has a rich and smooth fruity and fresh character. With absolut mandarin, you can have a perfect weekend drink. The price of absolut mandarin 1 litre is INR 1700 in Mumbai.

Price of Absolut Elyx 1 litre

Who doesn’t want to taste luxury Vodka? If you are also craving a luxury drink, then what could be better than a bottle of Absolut Elyx. This award-winning Vodka is prepared and distilled in a manually operated vintage copper still from 1921. Many vodka lovers consider Absolut Elyx perfect for both martinis or on the rocks. The absolut vodka price Mumbai of absolut elyx 1 litre is INR 4,150.

Absolut Vodka Price Delhi

After knowing the ‘absolut vodka price Mumbai,’ let us now find out its price range in Delhi. Absolut vodka is also very popular in Delhi. You can check the price of different flavours of Absolut Vodka in Delhi.

Price of Absolut Vodka Apeach 1 litre

Absolut apeach offers an amazing taste of apricot and peach. This Vodka has an amazing touch of tropical fruit flavour. The price of absolut apeach 1 litre in Delhi is INR 1,860.

Price of Absolut Elyx 1 litre

Absolut Elyxv

Absolut Elyx is one of the finest Vodka out there. This popular drink is often considered as true luxury vodka. Absolut Elyx is an award-winning Vodka and has a price of INR 4,580 in Delhi. Let us find out another absolut vodka price Delhi.

Price of Absolut Lime 1 litre

Absolut Lime

Here is another example of ‘absolut vodka price Delhi.’ This lime-flavored vodka is prepared from natural ingredients and does not contain any added sugar. You will get a slightly sweet and fruity taste from this drink. The absolut vodka price Delhi of lime 1 litre is INR 1,860. After knowing about the ‘absolut vodka price Delhi’, we will now know its rate in Bangalore.

Absolut Vodka Price Bangalore

Let us now go to another Indian city where absolut Vodka is extremely popular. From absolut mandarin to absolut apeach, you can easily find these drinks in Bangalore. Check below the price of different types of absolut vodka drinks in Bangalore.

Absolut Vodka Apeach

Type of Vodka Absolut Vodka Price Bangalore
Absolut Vodka Blue 1 litre INR 1,540
Absolut Mandarin 1 litre INR 1,660
Absolut Mango 1 litre INR 1,640
Absolut Grapefruit 1 litre INR 1,730

Absolut Vodka Price in Goa

From mandarin to apeach, you can find different flavours of Absolut Vodka in Goa. These drinks may have different prices outside Goa as every state has its liquor price range. Here is the complete list of prices of absolut Vodka in Goa.

Type of Absolut Vodka Price
Absolut vodka 750 ml INR 1,850
Absolut Vanilla 1 litre INR 2,000
Absolut Mandarin 1 litre INR 2,000
Absolut Apeach 1 litre INR 2,000
Absolut Elyx 1 litre INR 3,500

Absolut Vodka Price in Rajasthan

If you are in Rajasthan and looking for the price of Absolut Vodka, then we have got you covered. Check below the list of prices of different flavours of absolut in Rajasthan.

Type of Absolut Vodka Price
Absolut vodka 200 ml INR 515
Absolut vodka 750 ml INR 1,699
Absolut Citron 750 ml INR 1,844
Absolut Lime 750 ml INR 1,844
Absolut Elyx 750 ml INR 3,877

Other Popular Types of Vodka: Absolut Vodka Price India

Aside from absolut, there are also many other Vodka popular in India. In fact, if you specifically want absolut, then there are many flavours of itself. Here are some of the popular flavours of Absolut Vodka in India:

  • Absolut Mango
  • Absolut Vanilla
  • Absolut Mandarin
  • Absolut Apeach
  • Absolut Elyx
  • Absolut Citron
  • Absolut Raspberri
  • Absolut 100
  • Absolut Lime
  • Absolut Grapefruit

Check below some of the best brands of Vodka in India

  • Grey Goose Vodka
  • Crystal Head Vodka
  • Grey Goose VX Vodka
  • Beluga Gold Vodka
  • Lux Vodka
  • Ketel One Vodka
  • Smirnoff Blue Label

Bottom Line: Absolut Vodka Price India

Absolut is a global product that you can see on the bar shelves along with other premium liquors. You can find absolut Vodka anywhere in India except the regions where liquor is banned. This unique drink has been gaining the attention of customers through its successful advertisements and marketing campaigns. So, now that you know everything about the ‘absolut vodka price Mumbai’ and ‘absolut vodka price Delhi,’ you can easily buy your preferred flavour of absolut in any of these cities.

Frequently Asked Questions About Absolut Vodka Price India

Here are some commonly asked questions related to absolut Vodka and its price in India.

What is the price of absolut Vodka in Hyderabad?

The price of absolut Vodka in Hyderabad may vary depending on the flavour you buy. However, the price of absolut Vodka blue 1 litre is INR 1,730 in Hyderabad.

What is the price of absolut vodka apeach (1 litre) in Mumbai?

The price of absolut apeach 1 litre is INR 1,700 in Mumbai. This price may be different outside Mumbai.

Is absolut vodka vegan?

Yes. Absolut Vodka is vegan. In fact, all absolut products, including their production processes, are vegan. The production of absolut Vodka does not involve any use of animal products or any kind of animal derivatives.

Does Absolut Vodka contain sugar?

Absolut Vodka does not contain any sugar, protein, carbs, or fat. Absolut vodka is 100% delicious, and even its flavored variants are made with natural ingredients with no added sugar.

How long does Absolut Vodka last?

The expiry date of Absolut Vodka depends on the conditions. Usually, flavoured Absolut vodkas are more sensitive and can last for around two years.

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