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How to work towards a pull up? All you need to know




how to work towards a pull up

Pull ups are considered to be one of the most effective exercises for upper-body strength. If done correctly, they help you build muscles and make you strong. However, there are some tips and tricks that you need to know before getting started because doing it the wrong way might cause you an injury. Mastering the art of doing pull ups the right way might be a bit challenging initially. But with the passage of time and with the knowing the right technique will greatly help you to master this exercise pretty soon. It is important that we discuss what it takes for a proper pull up? How to work towards a pull up? Because if it not an ordinary exercise that anyone can do. It takes practice and knowing the technique is must.

There are many misconceptions regarding pull ups. A huge percentage of people thinks only a few individuals can do a pull-up. They are those who have strong and well-built back and arm muscles. But that is not true. The reality is different. Any individual can not only perform a pull up but they can master it as well. You just need to know the right way to do it.

That is all it takes. The right technique and a strong mind. It does not matter if you do not have a strong and muscular physique or huge biceps and triceps. No, you do not need that to do a pull-up. It is highly significant that you know how to work towards a pull-up before trying. If you are a newbie and you have no idea of how to do a pull up, you have just seen people doing it in parks and gyms and now you want to try it as well.

How to work towards a Pull Up

Well, we will suggest you better not without proper guidance. In order to perform a task or in this case an exercise in the best possible way that you get benefitted from it, you need to do your homework. You need to carry out a small research and learn the basics or your fitness instructor can guide you. Never try it on your own or you will end up hurting yourself. Multiple cases have been reported around the world where people have got themselves severely injured after pull ups gone wrong. Some people have even torn their shoulder muscles and that is something you would never want. Why not take someone’s guidance in lieu of trying things yourself and getting hurt ultimately.

It should also be noted that their are several variations of pull ups as well. However, before diving deep into the complexities, one should know the fundamentals. Knowing the basics is very important. Once you learn all the basics and you perform one full pull up, you will master it in no time. It will be at that moment where you will start knowing about the various techniques. Doing pull ups the right way makes your upper body muscular and makes you feel great. It also boosts up your self confidence as you feel positive about your body and this ultimately help relieving stress, which is a good thing for the human body.

How to work towards a Pull Up; Knowing the basics

Before getting started and discussing how to work towards a pull up, it is necessary that we know what a pull up actually is.

A pull up is an upper body exercise which requires hanging from a metal rod, both your hands facing away from your body and then with the help of your arm and back muscles, pulling your entire body to the point your chest touches the metal rod/bar. Fitness coaches term this exercise as a “Compound Exercise”. It is because when a person is doing a pull up, multiple muscles of the body are involved in this activity and thus because of the involvement of different muscles of the arm and the back, a pull up is labelled as a Compound Exercise.

One of the most common mistakes people do while doing pull ups is that they often shrug their shoulders which is absolutely wrong. One should never do that. While doing a pull up, your entire focus should be on your back and arm muscles. You need to make those muscles of your body strong enough to lift the rest of your body. Nevertheless, it is also worth noting that one cannot learn to perform and master pull ups in a single day. It requires practice and hard work along with consistency. Only with the help of these three elements can a person learn and perform pull ups the right way.

For beginners who think they can do this exercise simply and with ease, note that according to statistics, beginners who have no idea about pull ups end up hurting themselves, many among which say they wanted to give it a mere try and had not expected getting injured. It is therefore rudimentary for every individual who wants to perform a pull up know about its know-how. Many people say pull ups are hard. They are right to some extent. The reason is that when you perform a pull up, you have to lift your entire body that too with the help of your back and arms muscles only.

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If your upper body portion especially your biceps and back muscles lack the required strength for a full pull, the things might get difficult for you. It will be a challenge for you in the beginning but you will soon get used to it if you are consistent and you keep on practicing.

Pull ups require no weights (external) and are performed with your bare hands. In this exercise, you do not need any resistance. Your body weight, your arm and back muscles act as resistance whereby in other exercises, we use weights. A number of muscles are used during a full pull up. Muscles of the arm i.e. the biceps and triceps, along with the back muscles, shoulder muscles, abdominal muscles, and every other muscle present in the upper body portion are involved during pull ups.

It is because of the involvement of all these body muscles, pull ups are regarded as one of the best exercises that exist. They are not only effective against fats, but also helps you build a strong and muscular body. Besides, it is a widely accepted fact that exercise is healthy for the body and the soul and pull ups are certainly one of the best body exercises. A short session of pull ups will help you burn plenty of calories and you will feel relaxed, quiet, and composed afterwards. A major plus point.

Now that you know about the basics, we will move ahead and answer the initial question that is how to work towards a pull up? But before we discuss that and dig deeper, get into the details and discuss each and every single point related to it, we shall briefly shed some light on a few advantages of doing pull ups. It is of great significance that we are aware of the benefits of this exercise offers. So without any further delay, let’s hop into it.

how to work towards a pull up

Pull up is regarded as one of the most powerful exercises for strengthening the upper-body.

How to work towards a Pull Up; Advantages of performing a pull up

How to work towards a pull up is our main query that we shall discuss in a while. Prior to that discussion, let’s find out what are the advantages of performing a pull up. How it helps in building muscles and why physical fitness trainers refer to this exercise as one of the best ones, knowing about all this is important. Below are some of the major advantages of performing pull ups.

Body Building

Pull ups are an amazing exercise if you want to have a beautiful, strong and well built core. It strengths your overall upper body especially your back, shoulders, arms, and abdominal muscles. Numerous well-known body builders around the world focus on performing as many daily pull ups on a daily basis as possible for an excellent physique. According to fitness trainers around the world, a pull up is a very effective exercise if you want to get rid of those extra fats and if you want to shed a few pounds. It is a wonderful exercise that targets your upper body portion and helps you lose weight by burning fats. People with prominent and chubby love handles prefer performing pull ups regularly in order to get rid of their chubby love handles.

Pull Up makes you healthy

Many people around the world are very much self conscious. They are very much motivated towards improving their overlook look. They take care of their skin in the best possible way. Sometimes even going for expensive medical treatments just to treat problems like sun tan. Although it is very easy to even out tan lines in the sun without spending a huge amount of money on it, yet some people are more focused on making their bodies look perfect than others. People eat healthy, avoid junk foods and exercise regularly for hours and hours just t0 have a perfect looking body.

While there is nothing wrong about it, there are some effective exercises that will help you get your desired results in a matter of days. One of those exercises are pull ups. How to work towards a pull up is another debate bur pull ups are among the top most extremely effective exercises and they actually make you healthy, helps your body and mind get relax, and above all, it makes you muscular.

Good for Mental Health

Taking care of your mental health is as important as taking care of your physical well being. A lot of people around the world simply ignores the importance of having a sound mental health. It is very important that people understand the importance of mental health. Good mental health is associated with better performance and better results. If your mental health is messed up, you won’t be able to perform your tasks well or achieve the goals of the organization you are working in effectively and efficiently.

According to health experts, every individual should work out for at least 30 minutes on a daily basis. Exercise is directly related with good mental health. Exercise helps your brain work effectively and prevents it from a possible burn out. Exercising regularly lifts up an individual’s mood and make them feel better. You can try out a number of exercises to keep track of your mental and physical health and doing a pull up is one of them. Performing pull ups will help your mind get rid of all the negative vibes and energies and you will feel less stressed, less anxious, less depressed, and your mood will get enhanced.

Toning the Body

Just like pushups, squats, lunges, jumping jacks, planks, cardio, and weightlifting exercises etc. pull up is another best exercise of toning your body especially the upper portion of it. Multiple research studies have found that pull ups helps in toning the upper body and makes it strong and muscular that ultimately makes it look well built and attractive. Performing pull ups on a daily basis is very healthy not only for sound physical health but also for good mental health. Popular fitness trainers recommend performing pull ups regularly in order to achieve your desired results in a short span of time.

How to work out towards a Pull Up; The Correct Technique

Now that you know the basics and the advantages of performing pull ups, it is now time that we discuss and guide you in details regarding the correct form of a pull up. The correct way of doing it. If you want to perform a pull up the right way, it is important that you have made sure the right body muscles are activated. For beginners particularly, there are a few tips, some suggestions and advices that they should bear in mind before performing a pull up. Doing so will help them a lot in the long run and they will also be able to take all the advantages, all the benefits of this epic body exercise.

Let’s find out how do you perform a Pull Up. The right way.

  • The first step is to get exactly under a pull up metal rod/bar with your hands facing away from your body and your feet held firmly on the ground. Incase the metal rod or bar is too high and you are struggling to grab it, worry not. You can take a small box or a table and stand on it. Just make sure you are careful.
  • Next, keep your hands slightly away from your shoulders and grab the pull up metal rod firmly with both your hands. This is how you will take a start.
  • The next step is where we get things rolling. Take a deep breath and while you are in a hanging position, start lifting your feet up in the air and by using your abdominal and back muscles, pulling your entire body towards the metal rod.
  • Make sure you involve your shoulder muscles and your back muscles. By doing so, slowly bend your arms and further lift your chest towards the metal bar. Make sure you lift your body to the point where your chin goes above the metal bar and then gradually start moving away.
  • Bear in mind that never ever give a swing to your legs while moving away. Also make sure your shoulders stay firm and you do not shrug them, that is completely wrong. When done, exhale deeply and get back to the starting position.


Exercising regularly is the key to living a healthy life. People who exercise more are found to be more healthy than people who don’t. Proper exercise along with good food is necessary for good mental and physical being. In this article, we discussed in detail the basics, advantages, and know-how of a pull up along with answering the initial question of “How to work towards a pull up?”. As mentioned, a pull up is a wonderful and powerful exercise that makes sure you get a strong core and an attractive physique. When you perform a pull up, you activate a number of different muscles. A pull up activates the shoulder muscles, arms muscles, back muscles, and the core muscles. It is found that pull ups strengthen the grip of an individual and adds to the overall fitness and physical health of a person.

Beginners should start off by performing a few pull ups every day. Experienced individuals should try to perform 10-15 pull ups daily. This will ensure that they remain fit and healthy. People who master doing the classic pull up can then try on performing the variations. There are quite a lot of variations of the classic pull up. However, beginners should never go for them as doing so could result in a possible back or shoulder injury. Chin ups or reverse grip pull ups are counted among the most popular types or variations of pull ups.

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