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WWE: 5 Best Elimination Chamber Matches of All Time




Best Elimination Chamber Matches

Just like Royale Rumble, the Elimination Chamber matches have been around since 2002 and it was considered something brilliant at that time but as time passed by the fans lost interest in it and it is far from that entertaining because of the camera angles and how hard it is to follow the superstar fighting in that chamber and because of this people seem to have forgotten the best elimination chamber matches in the history of WWE.

WWE Survivor Series 2002

Best Elimination Chamber Matches


A list of the best elimination chamber matches is not complete without the inaugural match. Triple H who was accompanied by Ric Flair had to defend his title against Chris Jericho who was just making his name, Booker T who was not yet a household name but it was one of his big opportunity, Kane who was the second most feared superstar after the Undertaker, HBK who had a weird hairstyle at the time and the great Rob Van Dam, who later became an ECW legend.’

The match started between Triple H and Rob Van Dam. Those at the time were very popular but Triple H had a heel role. The match was very bloody from the very start as evident by the blood that was flowing from Triple H’s face when Van Dam threw him on the steel cage. Unlike the PG era, at that time the blades were used by the wrestlers a lot and this elimination chamber was a perfect place for a blood bath. Van Dam climbed over one of the pods to jump from the top of it on the game but Jerhico came to his aid by holding the knee of RVD.

At 3rd it was the turn of Jericho to enter the ring, he attacked RVD at first sight. The most iconic moment of the exchange between these two came when RVD was hanging from the chamber and then jumped on Jericho to pin him down. Triple H seemed to have recovered from the early blow he took and he went after RVD. Both Chris and Triple H tore down the fan-favorite and ganged upon him.

Booker T came in next and he started bailing our Van Dam. He went after both the heels and then used his spinarooni time on RVD. The brawl continued and the most entertaining moment came when RVD climbed onto one of the pods and came jumping towards Triple H with his knee, even though it is all scripted but clearly it was a bad knee and the game was taken a back by it.

Booker T then eliminated Rob Van Dam who had a brilliant time in the chamber and showed how he was one of the pioneers of this deadly chamber and made other stars follow his moves in the future.

Kane entered the ring at number 5 and he went after both Chris and Booker, while Triple H had a real-life injury and was sidelined. What he did to Chris Jericho was very hard to watch at that time and it was something very new and out of this world.

But Chris returned even after this and eliminated Booker T. Kane dominated Chris after this but now The Game had recovered and he was back. All the three wrestlers fought well but now the crowd was chanting for the heartbreak kid, they needed some energy as visibly all three were tired.

HBK came on late in the best elimination chamber matches of all time but when he came on he nailed everyone in the chamber at that time. He whipped Kane, Jericho, and the game but Kane had momentum now and he performed a chokeslam on all the other 3 in the chamber but his momentum didn’t last much and the lionsault by Chris, the pedigree by Triple H and the superkick from Michaels eliminated Kane.

It was the face vs the two heels in the chamber. Both ganged up on Shawn and gave him a beating that was making the crowd anxious. Michael was now bleeding after they used the cage to bust him open. Michaels broke out of it but soon they both teamed upon him again. But the game performed a pedigree on Jericho from which he pulled out and was about to make him submit with the walls of Jericho but the HBK hit him with the Sweet Chin Music eliminating him.

The Maddison Square Garden was now buzzing. It was the final two, the greatest friends turned foes. The Game Triple H vs the Heart Break Kid, Shawn Michaels. The DX now was split into two and both showed no mercy on each other. All the signature moves and the finishing moves were used but none of them wanted to give up on the title, the crowds booed for the game while the HBK was given a loud cheer for his every move. It took the sweet chin music at almost the 40th minute of the match for the heartbreak kid to win the title and the crowds were going bombastic because it was one of the greatest spectacles in the history of the WWE.

World Heavyweight Championship, Elimination Chamber Match – 2010

best elimination chamber matches

The Deadly Cage

The undertaker who was the reigning world heavyweight champion had to defend his title in the gruesome elimination chamber against the best professional wrestler at the time, CM Punk, the amazing Mexican Rey Mysterio, the budding superstar John Morrison, R-Truth who was a fan favorite and the biggest threat to his title, the heel Chris Jericho.

R Truth was the weakest of all the wrestlers in the elimination chamber that night and his elimination was not surprising. At the start, his exchange with CM Punk was very promising and he did show his athleticism but he was not going to knock out Punk as he was one of the main faces of WWE and the script doing it would harm the whole match.

CM Punk who at that time was advocating for a straight edge life had a good encounter with the Undertaker who came in next after R Truth was eliminated and he faced off well with the undertaker. When Rey Mysterio has released the climbing on the pods and doing dangerous stunts was enabled. Rey had a great exchange with Punk yet again and it was evident that CM Punk was carrying the show on his back and the chemistry between Punk and Rey was never utilized to the fullest by the WWE ever and this exchange was perhaps one of the finest of Rey’s career.

Undertaker had a great fight for his title but he was never built for such structures. The best elimination chamber matches include the undertaker but he was never a wrestler or his character was not such that he would create fear in that chamber. It has always been built for more acrobatic wrestlers and suits them well. After Punk got tired, the master of the 619 carried the whole show on his back until Jericho was released who was the only heel in the match and he went on to give one of the best performances in a cage in his professional career. He defeated the Undertaker to take the title of the WWE World Heavyweight Champion.

WWE Championship – No Way Out 2010

best elimination chamber matches

No Way Out

Edge the reigning champion faced off against the risk-taker Jeff Hardy, the phenom Undertaker, the game Triple H, Vladimir Kozlov, and the world’s largest athlete the big show. In the match, the heels were Kozlov, Big Show, and Edge while the rest were faces.

The match began with an energetic start between Jeff and Edge and it was very surprising for the WWE champion to be eliminated in under three minutes by Jeff Hardy. He absolutely dominated him in the last minute of Edge’s time in the chamber. The crowd was shocked.

Kozlov came in 3rd and the dynamics of the match changed. It was between two flexible athletes who relied upon their athleticism but a powerhouse coming in and throwing Jeff around while he tried to avoid him killed the energy built up by the surprise elimination of Edge.

At number 4th the big show came and he and Kozlov, the two heels joined forces to absolutely punish Hardy. It was making the crowds boo them and since one of the heels (Edge) was thrown out early this was like giving the heels some redemption.

Triple H came on at number 5th and the crowd was buzzing. He took on the Big Show and Kozlov who were decimating Hardy and the exchange between the 4 was a roller coaster ride. With the heels teaming up against the faces. the crowd booed both the powerhouses, Kozlov, and the big show while Triple H and Hardy were cheered.

Now it was time for the Undertaker to come in in the last position in one of the best elimination chamber matches. With his Last Ride powerbomb, he eliminated Vladimir Kozlov. He was energetic and was still at his peak in those days and all the 4 stars were in his awe. Not quite built for the elimination chamber, Undertaker gave a great performance.

The big show was eliminated by Jeff Hardy and it was very similar to what happened to Umaga in the elimination chamber event prior to this one. Hardy from the top of the pod did his signature move, the Swanton bomb, which was a breathtaking move.

Triple H fought Undertaker, and the legendary JR referred to them as “three of WWE’s most popular talents,” which was correct. Hunter did his top rope bump over the top onto the steel after Taker whipped him into the ropes. When the Undertaker attempted to walk the ropes, Hunter tripped him, causing Taker to become crotched on the top rope. Hardy jumped from Taker’s back and landed on Triple H, who was standing on the steel. Taker grabbed Hardy and pinned him with a Tombstone. Resulting in the elimination of Jeff Hardy.

The final two were left. Triple H and Undertaker had one of the best exchanges of punches that year. The cage was used once in this last fight when Taker was tossed onto the cage, which would surely have resulted in a lot of blood but we were in the PG era. Taker came back from a spine buster while the game was able to escape a double chokeslam. It took a lot of effort for the game to end the phenom with the pedigree when everything he threw at the dead man wasn’t working.

WWE World Heavyweight Championship – 2011

It was the peak o the “yes movement” led by Daniel Bryan and was the epitome of a rookie =climbing the stairs of success in WWE so easily. Cesaro, Randy Orton, Cena, Daniel Bryan, Christian, and Sheamus were facing each other in the deadly chamber for the WWE World Heavyweight belt. It turned out to be one of the best elimination chamber matches.

The match began with Sheamus and Cesaro, the match had a lackluster start and it was not very fast based. The highlight of the opening five minutes was Cesaro making Sheamus hit the post and then stomping him with all his might.

After this, Daniel Bryan entered the match. The crowd erupted with the chants of “yes! yes! yes!” for him and he attacked Sheamus foremost and then turned his focus on Cesaro. But soon Bryan was taken to the cleaners by Cesaro and then the match evened out between the 3 in the ring.

10 minutes into the match, the charismatic Christian was freed from his pod and it was one of the few times we saw a heel face of Christian in the WWE. He directly went for the injured arm of Bryan and took out the protection from it. The match heated and all 4 competitors beat each other to a pulp.

Cena was the 5th man to enter the ring followed by Randy Orton as the 6th man, the match had all the entrants in the ring and after 27 minutes no one was eliminated till Christian got Sehamus eliminated and the doctors had to check on the health of Sheamus. One minute later Christian got kicked out of the chamber by Brayan.

Now it was between the final 4 to battle for the belt. Cesaro got eliminated by John Cena as he did an AA on him. The match was in its final stages and suddenly the music of the Wyatt family started playing and they miraculously entered the ring. Harper took out Daniel Bryan while then they took our Cena. Wyatt performed his move Sister Abigail on John Cena and the crowd cheered for them as at the time Cena had been losing his popularity. Randy Orton took advantage of this and eliminated Cena.

Kane who at the time had a feud with Bryan came to the ringside and was standing there. It infuriated Bryan and he tried to hit him on the head with a knee attack. This had killed the momentum for Bryan and took the match away from his hands. But he regained momentum and the match evened out. RKO was performed by Orton on Bryan but he kicked out of it against all odds. Bryan took control of the match after this but Kane attacked him and Orton won the match by covering him after hitting him with an RKO. Orton had regained his title.

New Year’s Revolution 2006

John Cena had to defend his title against Shawn Michaels, Kane, Kurt Angle, Carlito, and Chris Masters. Cena was the face alongside Michaels and Kane while the rest were the heels with Masters and Carlito working as a duo.

The match had startted betwwen HBK and John Cena. The crowds were on the side of both the guys and it was an even contest and one of the best starts to the elimination chamber matches in history. As two great faces and two likable characters facing off. The reaction of the crowd was very good and it added a lot of spice into the early proceedings.

Carlito entered the match at number 3 and he attacked Cena and dropped kick him. He didn’t spare HBK either and the young charismatic wrestler started really well. The storm was tamed by both the faces as they worked together to quieten Carlito a bit.

Kurt Angle entered the ring at number 4 and with his traditional wrestling style and using his german suplexes, he broke the back of all the other 3 guys in the ring. He threw Michaels hard on one of the pods and a blade job was very evident as he was bloody as hell. At that time before the PG era, blood was acceptable in the WWE arena.

At number 5 it was the turn o the greek god Chris Masters who was the ally of Carlito and he came to his aid by beating Angle up. The best moment of the match came when Kurt had almost tapped out Cena by locking him in his infamous ankle lock but Cena showed his resilience. Michaels was waiting to take his revenge for the ferocious move that Angle performed on him through the pods and hit him with his superkick and Angle was eliminated by him.

Kane entered the ring as the last participant to get out of the pods. The immediate impact he had was meant for Shawn Michaels and John Cena. He performed a chokeslam on both of them but his momentum was broken when Chris Masters and Carlito together eliminated him.

The heels had control of the whole match. They were working as a team and gave the beating of a lifetime to Shawn Michaels. He was again slammed against the cage and it was one of the most interesting parts of the match. With the legendary heartbreak kid being punished by a duo of Carlito and Chris Masters who were at that time seen as the future of the WWE. They ultimately eliminated HBK.

Both of the heels teamed up on Cena next. Cena did well for most parts but 2 vs 1 was not easy for John Cena and ultimately he was locked by Chris Masters using the master lock. Carlito betrayed Masters by attacking him with a low blow to the groin and eliminated him. Cena was waiting for this and he pinned him to elimination and Cena retained his title.

The duo working together and the crowd second-guessing when would they turn on each other and who would turn on the other first made this a great ride made this one of the best elimination chamber matches.  Cena, Carlito, and Masters were the young faces and they performed really well in this match.

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