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Significance Of What Do You Get When You Cross A Mentally Ill Loner




What Do You Get When You Cross A Mentally Ill Loner

The sentence- What do you get when you cross a mentally ill loner? Is a dialogue from the American movie Joker (2019). It was a blockbuster thriller film that claimed the hearts and minds of many people all around the globe. Although, this movie was fictional, the message it carried was appropriately Bible Journaling and extremely strong.

What do you get when you cross a mentally ill loner?

What Do You Get When You Cross A Mentally Ill Loner


Here, the quote- “What do you get when you cross a mentally ill loner with a society that abandons him and treats him like trash? I will tell you what you get. You get what you deserve!” -Joker

This dialogue is from the movie Joker, said by the Joker himself. The evergreen and versatile American actor Joaquin Phoenix played the world-famous role of the Joker in this movie. This dialogue is also among the many strong dialogues of this movie that depicts the mental state of a loner.

This dialogue takes place in a scene where the Joker pulls the trigger at the tv-show host. From the scene and the phrasings of the dialogue, the meaning is pretty clear. But, the actual context behind this dialogue, is worth noticing.

When we look at the backstory of Joker, everything gets quite clear. When Arthur Fleck aka the Joker, struggles with mental health issues. He also skirmishes with the evil side of our society. After many dark turns of events, Arthur Fleck becomes more and more violent.

A psychologically struggling individual when faces the neglect and injustice of the people. Then only the two things happen they either get suicidal or they get revengeful. Either the person chooses to kill himself or he chooses to kill others. Both of these “points of no returns” are damage to humanity.

Ill Mental Health – a global issue

Mental health issues are real and they are no joke. Like every other illness, ill mental health also requires proper care and treatment. It is a chronic state of illness that worsens to a point of no return if left untreated.

Your mind is the fundamental organ of your body that has control over your entire self. When it is in its full glory it does the wonders. But what if it gets ill? Then it becomes complete wreckage.

What’s inside the mind of a loner?

The mind of a person suffering from depression has a mind just like a messy room full of crumpled pieces of paper. And when he tries to make something out of this crumpled mess, he gets even more lost. He is in a constant state of struggle with his thoughts. This unresting wave of overthinking drives him crazy. Even when he appears completely calm on the outside, the inside of his mind is screeching like crazy.

What Do You Get When You Cross A Mentally Ill Loner

Mentally ill loner.

When a person who is already struggling with being himself. The only thing he needs is someone who acknowledges him. Who makes him feel worthy of love and attention. Who can listen to his crumpled mess without judging.

And why is this? Because when a person is psychologically suffering the first thing he does is question his entire self. He gets so insecure about himself that even little things start bothering him. He feels mocked, ignored, and worthless. And eventually, he starts distancing himself from the people- hence becoming a loner.

The 4 stages to poor mental health

Having a poor mental health is not an overnight condition, it progresses over months and years. It grows in an environment of injustice and ignorance. Ultimately, getting to a point of violence and harm. The 4 stages that advance to ill mental health are,

Mild symptoms- the warning signs

The feelings of something going wrong but still, you manage to carry yourself around with it.

Growing inconvenience

Your feelings start interfering with your daily routine. You are always distracted and feel lonely.

Chronic and recurrent episodes of depression

The feelings of guilt, anxiety and depressions start developing inside you. You start experiencing bouts of sudden nervousness and self-consciousness.

Persistent and severe depression

Your feelings become so disturbing and frightening that you choose either to harm yourself or seek revenge from others.

From all this, we can have a basic idea that how serious the mental health issues are. How they affect a person’s peace of mind and his sanity. And how if it does not get the proper care it can worsen to cause damage not only on a personal level but also globally.

Mentally ill loners and the societal injustice

The dialogue- What do you get when you cross a mentally ill loner? eminently displays how a person with such an ill state of mind becomes an unstoppable disaster. And I think the damage here is not because of that person solely. But it is because of the typicality and toxicity of our society. A society that categorizes, judges, and mocks such people. A society that puts them into a bubble of insecurities and darkness. Pushing them towards depression, anxiety, and eventually violence.

What Do You Get When You Cross A Mentally Ill Loner


Like every other illness mental health is also very important. But we fail to understand the importance of it. We fail to get comforting to the ones that need us. We fail to understand their problems and get judgemental very quickly. This is our lacking that we are inconsiderate towards the feelings of others. And when things get out of control we put the entire blame on others. This is the injustice that we do towards our people.

Mental Health Awareness- a desperate urge

Today, we do talk about mental health but do we really comprehend it? I guess No. Mental Health has become another aesthetic of our modern world. But when it comes to practice it amongst ourselves, we fail every time.

We bully, we mock, and we disregard people every day. It is very easy for us to say a mean thing to someone. But we do not understand what our harsh words do to a person’s mind. We do not have even the slightest idea that how our mean words can bring a complete havoc to someone’s sanity.

Maybe instead of just posting hashtags and following the trends. We start realizing our actions. This is an issue that not only needs collective efforts but also personal modifications. Mental health awareness is not a joke; it is a serious issue that needs a voice. A voice so loud and comforting that it is easily heard by those who are suffering daily.


What Do You Get When You Cross A Mentally Ill Loner


Why this dialogue is so significant? This dialogue is a complete picture of how mentally ill loners feel towards this society. How they want to get themselves out of their bubble just for once. It shows their frustration towards the people. And it shows why we fail to save the goodness inside them.

This dialogue and the whole movie signifies the importance of mental health. It characterizes how the sufferers feel and how they react once it gets out of hand. It portrays a powerful message of realization and acknowledgment. In scenarios like these, Bible Journaling is your best friend.

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