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Bible Journaling Ideas: Best Practices And Methods For Beginners




Bible Journaling Ideas

We show the love of our God in one form or another, and God has equipped us with many ways to express the passion we have for our Lord, and Bible Journaling is one of those ways; let’s dig deep into it and get some bible journaling ideas.

What is Bible Journaling?

Bible Journaling Ideas

An artistic approach

Bible Journaling means writing down your experience of the Bible artistically. This is one of the best ways to show the Lord the love you have for His book by means of art, a talent of God bestowed upon the human race.

In a world where we have found different modern ways to experience things innovatively, bible journaling is one such method that replaces archaic reading memory and memorizing. With few tools, you can begin your spiritual journey and dive deep into the divine scripture and memorize it and learn the essence of the testament.

Benefits you will get from Bible Journaling Ideas

Bible Journaling Ideas

The Diving Message

Bible Journaling ideas will bring us close to God. Everyone in this world has a different way of getting attached to something. Yes, the love of God is inherited in our minds, but to take it out and let it blossom into flowers in our life, we need to find new methods. Via Bible Journaling, we can kill two birds with one stone. We can fulfill our artistic needs while bringing ourselves closer to God.

It is done by people not just for artistic reasons; some people are fond of learning new hobbies. It can just be a hobby that you can make use of. Some people believe by doing this, we are spreading the message of God, and it is not just for personal satisfaction, as humans get inspired from each other, and many will start doing it as they get inspired by your work. On my visit to India, I saw many beautiful caligraphies being sold in the busy bazaar of Delhi, and many quranic verses were calligraphed. In the same manner, one can do a business out of the Bible Journaling and make money while advertising the Lord’s message.

What do you need for Bible Journaling ideas?

Bible Journaling Ideas

Crayons are good for Bible Journaling.

Bible Journaling ideas can be brought into reality through these tools.

  1. A note-taking bible 
  2. Pens
  3. Watercolor
  4. PencilsF
  5. Washi tape
  6. Stickers
  7. Eraser
  8. Colored Pencils

How to do Bible Journaling?

Bible Journaling Ideas

5 easy steps

Here is a 5 step guide on how to do Bible Journaling.

Pick a verse

Pick a verse of your choice; this verse has to be something closer to your heart. As in my experience, having a verse that touches you brings out the artist in you. For this tutorial, we will use one of my favorite verses.

Be strong and courageous. Do not be afraid or terrified because of them, or the LORD your God goes with you; he will never leave you nor forsake you. (Deuteronomy 31:6)

Select strong words

Highlight the words that you think are strong and give an intimidating feeling to you, for example, “Lord,” “afraid,” “terrified,” “forsake.”

Describe these words

Now use your perception about these words; for example, you chose the word “Lord” from the highlighted words. Now close your eyes and think what the first thing that comes to your mind when you see or hear this word, write your experience down with yourself on a blank paper and then copy it to your journal is; you can directly do it as well, but I don’t like making my journal untidy. If you find your Lord happy and give good news in this verse, use lighter colors in your interpretation of this, but if you found your Lord angry, for example, using bold lettering and darker colors in your interpretation is one way of doing this.

Sketch over it

Whatever you have written now, it is time to sketch over it. Sketching can be done very easily but the tricky part is filling the colors and neatening them. For neatening purposes, the washi tape is an amazing tool to make boxes for your text, make stickers, or make aesthetic borders. While coloring is by far the most tricky part, with crayons and color pencils it is effortless but using watercolors can be a perilous thing, yes the reward of the watercolors is more, as it gives a striking look but if you are not careful it might bleed out to the other page, so it is recommended to use a piece of paper underneath the page, to avoid the bleeding.

Make enhancements

You can make extra enhancements to your journal by using stickers that can be easily bought from many art stores, or you can even make great stickers using washi tape. We have told you about doing this, but many people find; Bible Journaling disrespectful.

Is Bible Journaling disrespectful?

Bible Journaling Ideas

Is Bible Journaling forbidden?

No, Bible journaling and bible journaling ideas are not disrespectful. The Lord sees what your intentions are in your actions. Journaling as harmless as giving charity. For example, a person might provide charity not to please the Lord or help his people but win an election campaign. His action is correct, but the motives behind those actions are wrong. Bible Journaling is harmless, as long as your intentions don’t have any malice involved. 

There will be people who will do this for money-making or their artistic needs and not spiritual needs. Maybe it can be considered wrong or disrespectful in such a case, but if one day, while making it, they see the divine message, then will you consider it disrespectful? Surely not, so it depends upon the situation and motives, and it is a very inoffensive way to please or get close to our God. 


When you start seeing your lord in everything you do, then be sure that you have achieved your purpose in life. When we get bored, we tend to indulge in art like movies, tv, books, and sketching that has nothing to do with our lord. As we start incorporating our God’s message in the art of the world, we can bring many people into enlightenment and bring back many transgressors on the right path.

Update 1: The Article has now been updated twice after publishing.

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