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How To Make Mandalorian Armor: 6 Step Fast Process




How To Make Mandalorian Armor: 6 Step Fast Process

It might seem very tough for many star wars fan to make your own Mandalorian armor but believe me with our how to make Mandalorian armor in ten easy steps it will look like a piece of cake to you.

Here is how you can do it:

How To Make Mandalorian Armor in 6 steps

How To Make Mandalorian Armor

Mandalorian Armor

If you gather the right tool, have a basic knowledge about cosplaying, then making this armor is not a big deal; let’s see how it is made.

1. Tools and materials needed:

How To Make Mandalorian Armor


You will first of all need to pick the material you are going to use in the armor. It is the most fundamental part of your armor and depending on the materials used; the cost incurred increases or decreases. For example, you can use cardboard, metal, or foam, and obviously, the metal will be the most expensive out of the three. Besides the fundamental material, you would need adhesives to put the armor parts to adhere to each other. Pencils, markers, a sheet to protect the surface you are working on, duct tape, a knife is all you will need.

2. Helmet – How To Make Mandalorian Armor

How To Make Mandalorian Armor


First of all, you need a design for the helmet. You can download templates available all over the web; with just a few clicks, it will be accessible to you, but if you want more adventure and a sense of ownership, then you can sketch or create them yourself on the appropriate software. It is the trickiest of decisions to make in our how to make a Mandalorian armor guide.

Sketch the design on a piece of paper and then transfer all of the markings you had made on the foam paper. Use the knife to cut them carefully from the back and the sides. Use sandpaper to give it a more refined look. Use super glue to place the pieces together and use a plastic material for the visor and use the glue again to stick it to the helmet.

3. The Chest Armor – How To Make Mandalorian Armor

You need a template for this too and we have already told you in step 2 of our how to make Mandalorian armor guide how to get templates. The next thing after getting templates you need to do is to measure the chest of your cosplayer, measure it at least 3 times to make sure there are no human errors while measuring the chest.

Sketch the template on a cardboard and then cut it out using the knife. You will need to be careful with the knife as it is tricky to cut cardboard with ease; use sandpaper for a more refined look on the edges.

4. The Shoulder Armor – How To Make Mandalorian Armor

For this, we used the EVA foam, but you can use the standard foam as well; it won’t be an issue. In a curved shape, cut the foam into 5 pieces, discard the two other pieces and pick the best 3 pieces. The curve shape is essential as it complements the shape of the shoulder. Use a Dremel to cut them a beautiful angle and then put the pieces together with respect to the panel.

5. Gauntlets – How To Make Mandalorian Armor

How To Make Mandalorian Armor


First of all, collect images from google or any other search engine. The pictures should clearly show details about the Madolorian
gauntlets. First of all, create an outline of the fingers on a piece of cardboard and then cut it. Make sure you do it with respect to each of your fingers. The next step is to curve them with a pair of scissors.

Find a template for the main body of the gauntlet and then sketch it on a piece of cardboard and cut it. Glue everything together using an adhesive.

6. Make the Thigh & Shin Armors – How To Make Mandalorian Armor

Thigh armor is a bit tricky. You need to cut the brackets very carefully and joining them using an adhesive. Cut at least 8 pieces to wrap your leg but discard the 3 as we are going to be using 5 of the best. Using a hairdryer gently heat the cardboard to provide a more realistic wrinkled effect to your armor. The shin guard is made of a single piece of styrene with a top bracket bent slightly.


Star wars are more than a fictional world to people. Some people started out as kids and are now grandparents, but star wars have remained with them throughout these years. In our how-to-make Mandalorian armor guide, we have tried to give you the taste as a beginner of how it feels like to make your own star wars armor. As it is an experience that you will cherish all your life. In the modern world, many children are not really interested in DIY and look for easy alternatives, or they are consuming digital media and buying costumes for a digital character; imagine spending money on something you will never own physically, but the kids do it and all well away from all the traditional things that made our childhood beautiful.

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