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How to Make a Man Cry in Bed: 10 Best Ways to Make Him Scream in Pleasure




How to Make a Man Cry in Bed

The human body is made to have sexual urges and it is something that very few people around the world don’t focus on in a relationship. The general rule of thumb is that men are more promiscuous than women and have a higher sex drive than the other genders. The key to keeping him happy is to make sure he is pleasured in bed and there are certain techniques out there that will make a man cry in bed and moan your name in satisfaction. Stay with the article to get to know more about these blissful techniques that have enhanced or repaired a lot of relationships around the globe.

10 Techniques to Man Scream in Bed

How to Make a Man Cry in Bed

Technique to make him scream.

These are some of the best tried and tested techniques to give the pleasure of life to the men in bed. They are developed taking the human psychology and the relationship of it to the ultimate sexual stimulation in mind. Finally, let’s dive into the world of men and how to control them in bed.

Erogenous Zones

Remember that humans are very different from each other. We are prone to making the mistake of doing hasty generalizations and sex is also not saved from this nuisance. You need to be aware that every human in this world has different erogenous zones. Some men out there are stimulated when a woman heavily breathes on him, some are fond of women playing with their beards, while others are turned on the moment their thighs are rubbed, and surely finding the erogenous zone of your man will answer your question on how to make a man cry in bed.

Temperature Play

How to Make a Man Cry in Bed

Love Making

The human body has receptors that sense temperature. The temperature at first will be something that is not worth the go and seems very childish for the majority of people. But there are erogenous zones in the human body that can increase sexual satisfaction with the right temperature being provided to them and on the other hand, it is something out of the ordinary and thus will make the body go through something very very different.

For example, you can freeze a condom and then put it on the sexual organ of your partner and then give him the best and most unique oral experience. Some men will be comfortable with a little warm condom and it can also enhance their experience. The health hazards are something you need to be aware of, so it is better to ask your partner to do a small test before going full-on. You can alternatively also use specialized sex toys like this one, to get to another level of simulation.


The male-dominated society and the urge to be an alpha male disappears once a guy is in bed. You will be shocked to know that most males give up being a sub and be dominated by an assertive lady. Don’t shy away from taking over and making him your slave in bed. This way you will learn new ways to make your man cry in bed.

This requires a high level of motivation and a dominant persona. Women who are bossy in nature are able to pull it off very easily but the ones who are not really bossy and are timid can change their selves in bed very easily by watching experienced women or sex counselors talk about it.


When you are having sex, scream. By screaming I mean to call out to Jesus, think about how you are getting stabbed to death by some creature from a horror movie, I don’t care just scream from the top of your lungs. Your task is to make sure that you convey the message to your man that yes I am enjoying each and every bit of this and you are making me turn into an animal and these screams are all your doing. This will ultimately make your man scream in bed in full pleasure and this will make a great bond between you two and this will give a sense of accomplishment to you both, that yes you have achieved giving the best of pleasure one can give to their partner.


Outfits are very important and many people are not spending the money in the right place. Yes sex toys are good and they do aid in the enhancement of the sexual experience but outfits are all about you. You wear them, you enhance yourself and make yourself sexier in the process. While those sex toys have nothing to do with you. By enhancing the sexual experience through yourself you can make your man scream in bed as loud as he can, it will give him the best of sexual pleasure and he will have the urge to fuck you for an extended period of time. At the start of the article I talked about human psychology, and one of the key ways to manipulate human psychology is through colors, so make sure the color you choose is something that turns on your man.

Colors also play an important role in turning on someone. Some people are very fond of the red color, others are fond of blue or black colors. Make sure you know what color outfit arouses your man and make sure your sexy outfits are in line with that.

Tongue Fucking

This is something that is very very rare and few people get stimulated because of this. Did you know? There are people who pay thousands of dollars just for ear stimulation and if your partner is one of them then surely by rubbing his sexual organ and simultaneously sucking his ear you can make him go to cloud 9. This is one of the best ways to make your man cry in bed or can turn out to be the most awful of times if your guy is not into such stuff. so it is advisable before doing this, you ask for his permission and take him into confidence. You would ask there is always a first time, so yes try it for some time as a test if it goes well then carry on if not stop immediately and use the other techniques of making your man cry in bed that we have given.

Talk to Him

There are men who are not the type who moan in pleasure. You might be doing everything right and many women would take it as the perfect answer to the question of how to make a man cry in bed, but there are men who have naturally suppressed their urge to moan. Having a talk and telling them has significantly changed the mindest of many men and they become more vocal during sex. This is one of the most natural ways to help someone, as you are making sure they know that these moans are normal and their partner will appreciate them.

Prostate Simulation

How to Make a Man Cry in Bed

Prostate Stimulation

There is something that you are missing. Stick your finger or tongue in his ass and try to simulate his prostrate. This will make his eyes roll and he will say the dirtiest things one can imagine while screaming like someone is taking his life. This is one of the most amazing ways to make a man scream in pleasure. P-Spot is the way to go for many men and they haven’t discovered it and really aren’t aware of it. Try to educate them more about it and see them tremble in quivering orgasm and an energy-less body at the end of it all.

Be Rough

The porn industry has changed the whole outlook of men and women alike but mostly men are negatively affected by this. The one way to make sure that his concept of sex that has been developed is by watching pornographic elements is satisfied, you can go very rough and hard on him. don’t worry about his body, men have a lot of tolerance just go all in and very rough, and then see him telling you how it is the best sex of his life and screaming all the way.

Role Play

It is something that one can do. The relationship advisers even tell you to act like another woman in bed if your relationship is falling apart. You can roleplay characters, fictional or non-fictional, or even real-life people from your life. This will make your man turn into an animal in most cases and the ultimate answer to your question on how to make a man cry in bed would turn out to be this one.

Bonus Tip

Astrology can also be used to know more about men and how they respond to love and other sub-forms of love. Here we have talked more about it and you can link it with the tips and techniques above to understand your man better.


We have learned that moaning is a very natural process, screaming and crying are a level above that. To understand the nature of your man and then apply certain techniques with respect to what you have learned about his sexual fantasies, urges and how his body reacts to that, you can easily make your man scream in bed without much effort.





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