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Conscious Decision: How To Make Conscious Decisions And Avoid Unconscious Ones




conscious decision

People make two kinds of decisions, conscious decision and unconscious decision, and it impacts their lives eternally; let us discuss how to make decisions the accurate way.

What is conscious decision making?

Conscious decision

Take the right decision.

Have you ever looked at something in your life by analyzing every risk and reward involved before inclining toward a decision? If you have, then you are already aware of what conscious decision making is. There is a big myth in our society that whatever the majority grades are good, it will be suitable for everyone. For example, the culture I come from thinks that medicine is incomparable, and if you don’t get there or disregard this field, you are considered feeble-minded. But you see, I made a very conscious decision by jumping into the world of freelancing as I knew the lifestyle that I want is compatible with this field, and I got a lot of stick for it, but I analyzed all the risks and the potential reward and now I am reaping the rewards of my conscious decision.

What is unconscious decision making?

Conscious decision

Bad decisions

Unconscious decision making in easy words means, following the path of the majority. Whatever is acceptable by the masses is followed by you. For example, it is generally acceptable in my culture to marry or get into a relationship once you are financially at your peak and have reached stability. This applies to few individuals from my culture but generalizing it and without giving a thought about your own needs and demands can be very painful. some people are meant to settle down in life at a very young age because of their erratic nature and some can go one for years before committing to someone. An unconscious decision, in this case, would be to not analyze all the bonuses and hazards of the situation and be a blind follower of the generally accepted beliefs.

Making a conscious decision

Making a conscious decision

Puzzle of life

Making a conscious decision is dependant on your past and the ability to forecast. In your past, you must have been in a lot of situations that you regret, but regret is not the point of focus here, I want you to concentrate on learning from that past experience. Once you have learned from your past encounters, then you are able to forecast as well as learn and re-learn certain things. While making a decision, draw a spider web in your mind or a piece of paper, and see how it can be linked with my past mistakes and how the experience I have gained can help me forecast the good or bad it can bring.

Conscious decision

Elon Musk and Conscious decisions

As you start doing this, you can even predict the future outcomes of decisions you will take after this decision. That is why some people are called leaders while others are the followers of them. It is the ability to make conscious decisions that make us a role model of people. Think about Elon Musk, for example, people think he is a genius, which he might be but what he does is that he makes conscious decisions. For example, when he gives signals related to cryptocurrency on his Twitter and people flock in and buy that currency, it is not for the betterment of the people; he does it to increase his own wealth and those who are aware of the crypto world, they surely know how Elon is thinking ten steps ahead of the people following him.

Conscious decision and emotional abuse

Conscious decision

How to overcome emotional abuse

Emotional abuse is something that we carry our whole life, and it determines our decisions a lot and is one of the hindrances in making conscious decisions. As emotional abuse clouds our mind and takes away our ability to analyze situations like a normal human being, you can take conscious thinking and reinstate it.

Emotional abuse is either ongoing or has happened in the past. The wounds are being inflicted, or the wounds remain from punishment in the past. You need to tell your brain one simple thing: I can escape from the abuse by taking the right steps or removing the wounds by following the healing process. People aren’t aware of our brain’s ability; it is so easy to play with it and rewire it to our liking. The brain is the most flexible organ in our body.

If you have ever seen slime, you are aware of how it takes the shape of the container you put it in, or when you stick it on a wall or something, it changes its shape accordingly. The same is the brain, it changes shape in different situations automatically but you have the power to bring this automation into your hand and take hold of your future.

Learn more about emotional abuse

Now you will be asking, what does conscious decision making has to do with this, it has something to do with it; hear me out! You know that conscious decision-making is analyzing a situation; once you remove the clouds of abuse, you will realize that no matter what the situation is, there is always a way to get out of it. No matter the abuse inflicted upon you, it was the past, and only the future is the thing that matters the most. Analyze the situation through positivity to gallop the negativity. A positive mindset, even in the worse of situations makes strong people, and this mindset is the reason some people take conscious decisions while others are slanted towards unconscious decision-making.


The outlook on life and the wiring of your brain makes you who you are. You will not be able to make a conscious decision in your life unless and until you learn from your past and convert it into the ability to forecast the future. One wrong decision today can impact your life for the next 5 years, plan; never ever go in life without adequate analysis of your choices.

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