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6 Animals that Represent Love




animals that represent love

Love is the most mystical thing in the world yet no one is afraid of the mystic it has. The charm that love carries is even found in animals and love is not just a holy feeling that is resonated by humans, let alone animals even plants, or even the nonliving things represent love. Today though, the center of focus of our article will be animals that represent love.

Animals are sacred in the history of the world to the people and are part of our cultures. In the earlier times, they were worshipped or seen as holy figures while in today’s day and age, they have come to live with us at our homes and even our virtual worlds aren’t devoted to the love these animals represent.

An example of this is the pokemon, where the animals are given a mystical touch and most people around the globe are aware of them. Animals that represent love can be mystical too but our focus is on real animals that we see around the globe.

Do All Animals Represent Love?

Animals have different forms and shapes. Their nature also differs from one another and it can determine what kind of a symbol is attached to them. So the answer to this question is no! There are animals like a python or a lion which represents fear. A bear for example represents not just one thing but a plethora of things, from love to fear to anger or holy indications.

Read more on the significance of bears in the Bible

6 Amazing Animals that Represent Love

Now we will talk in-depth about the 10 amazing animals that are the representation of love in the world.


The first animal on our list is the dolphin. Which is the most caring and loving animal on the face of the earth for many people. They are a sign of happiness and friendship. Many people go see them and they are so friendly, that they even let the humans touch them without any fear. They have been part of circuses and the people are fond of the tricks they can do after being trained by the humans.

Dolphins have emotions like humans and even science agrees with how they can go through an array of emotions like us. Dolphins have a need to socialize and they, for this reason, are very fond of traveling in their natural habitat and they can build trust very easily with humans, for example, the famous signature whistle you see their trainer teach them to follow.


Doves represent peace and this is because of their white color. If you were a tom and jerry fan, you would remember Tom waving a white flag when he would lose to his fierce rival, Jerry the mouse. This white symbol signifies peace and doves are the universal agents of peace. Peace is a form of love, yes! Let me explain.

Peace is loving the people and creatures around you and indirectly it is showing love to the world. Dove has been seen as a goddess of love in many cultures. In Greek mythology, the doves were associated with Aphrodite, who was the goddess of love.


animals that represent love


Even in their natural habitat, the doves care for each other. The male dove takes care of their female partner by providing them security and love. The doves are animals that can be easily tamed by humans with little love and care, and they will never forget you ever if you are nice to them.


The deer stands out as one of the most loving ones among all species just by looking at their innocent nature and the way they are so harmless by how they generally behave. Their body oozes elegance.

A deer can represent innocence, kindness, grace, good luck, and unconditional love. They are also a symbol of authority because of their antlers and how they regrow after falling off. In the Bible, the deer is a symbol of unconditional love for God and how it can be a sign of devotion and taking care of the commands of God.

Lady Bug

Ladybug is another animal that represents love and it is a known legend that if you take care of a ladybird it will then speak to your love interest in whispers telling about your good deeds.

The insects are seen as soulless in many cultures and religions and people have no mercy on them when they are seen and are ready to kill them but with this red and black insect, people think twice before harming them. They are built to be loved by nature and their vibrant colors help them stand out in the magnificent world that we have.

Here are some things that you should know about ladybugs:

Seeing a LadyBug

If you often see ladybugs it means that you will have prosperity coming to you soon, this can be in the form of love, money, or any other benefit. The more vibrant the last bug is the greater chances of good fortune knocking on your door.

Newly Wed Peeps

In some cultures it is believed if you loo kat a ladybug shortly after you tie the knot, the number of black spots on the ladybug determines the number of children you will have. This is why Ladybug is an animal that represents love because having children together is the biggest expression of love between two people.

Ladybugs in the Bible

While we’re on the topic of the Virgin Mary, the Ladybug originally had other meanings concerning other deities, which gradually evolved into Christianity and even more modern meanings over time.

During the Middle Ages, two farmers had crops that were blighted by Aphids, thus developing Ladybug Folklore. When their crops were failing one day, they prayed to the Virgin Mary for help. Later, Ladybugs swarm over the aphids and begin feasting.

As a result, the crop was saved, the farmer’s tale was shared, and the Ladybug became known as ‘The Beetle of Our Lady’ forever.

Ladybug: Animals that Represent Love

In Asian cultures, there is an ancient belief that a Ladybug must deliver a message if it is caught and then released. You will be able to whisper to your true love once it reaches you. Ladybugs whisper your name when they see them. Upon hearing this, your true love will want to be with you.

These were some of the famous things associated with ladybugs, there are many others which you will find very easily from someone who is aware of the folklores but if not, then don’t worry! The internet has many great forums about ladybugs where you can ask about them.


Butterflies are the most beautiful insects on earth. They start as ugly moths and then eventually they become the best version of themselves. They are the real representation of the metaphor “Turn a new leaf.” Examples of butterflies are given to people to turn their life and not to look at the ugly traits they have like one day they can have the ability to turn everything in their favor by removing the bad traits.

Butterflies are animals that represent love but it will be a wrong statement. If you look closely at them you will feel that they are the perfect embodiment of self-love, non harming creatures who spread positivity.

In Christianity, they are the symbol of resurrection and they are closely related to the rebirth during Easter. They are seen as creatures who will enter heaven despite all the struggles they see. This further solidifies how the butterflies are the perfect embodiment of self-love as this is only achieved after you see hardships and then you mature enough to know that self-love is being the best version of yourself.



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