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Raunak Mehta Wiki – Age, Wife, Net Worth




As you are here, so you already have heard the name “Raunak Mehta” and now you are curious about getting to know him and his whereabouts. To share a little background first, Raunak Mehta used to be a person that nobody knew, he was hidden from the cameras and industry till the time he met Deepika Kakkar.

Deepika and Raunak met, they fall in love, and got married in a very short span of time. In this article, you will find all the details related to Raunak; along with his previous lifestyle and the one that gains attention after he got married to Deepika Kakar. He is the first husband of Deepika Kakkar and the couple got married in the year 2013 and later got divorced in 2015.

Raunak Samson Biography

Raunak mostly represents himself with the name of Raunak Samson which he has also written on most of his social media platforms. His real name is Raunak Mehta and his nickname is Chintu that all his friends and family use to refer to him. He did not share his date of birth with the media. People have just predicted it with his success, and education and declared that Raunak Mehta age will be somewhere around the late 40s.

Educational background

He was born in Mumbai, India which was his hometown, and got his education from Mumbai Private School. He further studied at the University of National Aeronautics Center where he got his bachelor’s degree and then completed his master’s of aviation from Texas. At this time his main profession is still pilot. Anyone who looks into Raunak Samson’s Biography will understand that he was very much focused on his career and that becoming a pilot was his dream.

Personal Life

Raunak Mehta age was in his late 20s when he came back to India after completing his master’s from abroad. As soon as he got back, he was offered a position in a number of Indian airways. He started working and developing his career by keeping his main goal to enjoy all the moments with his family and friends. He is a person who has immense love for his country and that is why he returned right after his master’s degree to serve the country. Apart from the country, his interest also lies in Bollywood movies, dramas, and in the lives of the actors.

How Raunak met Deepika Kakkar?

Raunak met Deepika when he started working after coming back from Texas. At that time both of them used to work at Jet Airways India. Raunak was the pilot and Deepika was the flight attendant at that time. Raunak was from Pune was due to his job he was in Mumbai. Deepika and Raunak clicked from the first time they met each other. After getting into the relationship, they were so sure that they talked with their families and got married very soon.

Raunak Mehta photo

The couple was happily married when Deepika planned on becoming an actress. As Raunak has great admiration for acting and Bollywood so he was also excited for her to enter the entertainment industry. In those times, Raunak supported his wife in all the decisions and also went to all the auditions with her.

Family details

The lifestyle of Raunak and Deepika was entirely opposite. Deepika is a person who is in the media industry, loves the attention she gets and has a lot of fans who are interested in her everyday life. As for Raunak, he is highly career-oriented and has worked very hard to become a pilot. For this reason, there are no details related to his parents and his siblings.

Net worth and earning

Even though there is not much information regarding Raunak’s family, but it is certain that he did not belong to any elite or high-class family. This means that he doesn’t have any high inheritance and properties to have a net worth. Also, he is working as an employee and manages his finances from the monthly salary that he gets. As he is a pilot so his salary would be somewhere between 77,000 to one lakh. He is working in the governmental sector, so he is also eligible and use the incentives that the government provides to all its employees.

First divorce of Raunak Mehta

Deepika was the first wife, and many people mistakenly assume her as Raunak Samson second wife. In 2010, Deepika worked on his television debut and played the role of Lakshmi. From there she gained some attention, but they were not very high when he got married to Raunak. Once she got married, her acting abilities started to emerge and her career in the entertainment industry started to grow. This was the best move for her to bring a major change in her career and entering in the field where her talent started blooming.

Raunak was a very common man but as Deepika started to gain attention then so did, he. They spent 2 to 3 years together and remained very secret about their married life. They were a happy couple and prefer to keep this life private and far away from all the couple’s chaos and media attention. In 2015, they got divorced, and as soon as it happened the happy private couple turned into a controversial topic across the media.

Take a look at the life of Deepika after getting divorced from Raunak.

Rumors about Deepika Kakkar affairs

Controversies started when people started looking out for Raunak Samson second wife but in actuality, it was Deepika that got married again. Deepika got married to Shoaib Ibrahim after her first divorce and many people state that this is the actual reason why her first marriage failed as she started having an affair with Shoaib.

Dipika Kakar photo

Shoaib was Deepika’s co-star and she started dating him while she was married to Raunak. There were rumors about their affair and the media even confronted her about it in front of an audience where she denied all these allegations. As for Raunak, he tried to remain distant from the media and interviews.

The paparazzi followed Raunak and tried to make him speak about his wife and the rumors about her affair but they failed to make him speak or give any statement.

Raunak Mehta’s opinion on his first wife

Raunak tried to stay as far as he can from the paparazzi. But as these people get connections from anywhere, they got in contact with a fellow flight attendant of Raunak. Many people thought this flight attendant is Raunak Samson second wife which is false. She told the media that Raunak has shared his frustrations and grief with her about his married life. He has also shared that the rumors about her affair with Shoaib are true.

After this confirmation, they still remain married till 2015, and then in the middle of the year, they got divorced.

Deepika Kakkar and Shoaib Ibrahim

After the divorce, Deepika didn’t avoid the question about her affair with Shoaib and clearly accepted that she has feelings for him and both of them are in a very healthy relationship. As per the posts of Deepika fans, they declared that her couple with Shoaib is more attractive as both of them belong to similar industries. As for Raunak, he tried to remain out from the media and attention so the fans were not able to catch anything about their married life.

Deepika Kakkar and Shoaib Ibrahim

Deepika is Shoaib Ibrahim’s first wife and the couple got married in the year 2018 after two years of her divorce from Raunak. After all the rumors, fans were curious that who will be Raunak Samson second wife and when will Deepika marry Shoaib.

Recently, Deepika also converted to Islam, which is the religion that Shoaib Ibrahim follows. A lot of fans questioned her about this change as they thought that it is because of Shoaib’s pressure but in an interview, she told all the people that it was her own choice.

The couple still shares their pictures and their love life on social media which confirms that they are still in a very healthy relationship. Recently they also produce a song together and worked on its entire process of video production.

Where is Raunak Mehta now?

The entire life of Deepika is present on social media but as for Raunak, he totally disappeared from everywhere after getting divorced. He randomly posts on his Instagram account that doesn’t show anything about his whereabouts. Recently he shared a picture with a girl who was in a wedding dress. People assumed her to be Raunak Simson second wife and commented on it. Till now he has not replied to any comments and has not confirmed anything if he got married again or not. Apart from this one picture, there is nothing that can give a hint of him being married.

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