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A Glimpse Into the Life of Bassist Victoria De Angelis





Victoria De Angelis

Get ready to be fascinated by the glamorous journey of Victoria De Angelis, the talented bassist of the rock band “Måneskin”. This blog will take you into the intriguing life of Victoria exploring how she rose to fame and her remarkable contributions to Måneskin’s success. From her unique styling to interesting performances, discover why she has become a big name.

Early life and musical beginnings


The remarkable artist began her journey by learning the piano at the age of 6 and finally finding her passion for the bass guitar.

  • Family life
  • Introduction to music
  • Forming the Måneskin

Family life

Victoria was born on September 8, 1999, in Rome, in a musically inclined family. She was always surrounded by magnetic melodies and rhythms. Her father, Vittorio De Angelis, played a significant role in shaping Victoria’s musical path, for he’s a renowned jazz musician and bassist. Being raised in a rich musical environment set the perfect foundation for her to explore her talents.

Introduction to music

Victoria always showed a keen interest in music. At the age of six, she started learning to play the piano, and over the years, her curiosity sparked and fired a passion within her. Growing up, she started exploring other instruments and at the age of 10, she discovered her true calling- the bass guitar.

She was greatly influenced by the works of legendary bassists such as Flea from Red Hot Chili Peppers. John Paul Jones from Led Zeppelin and Jaco Pastorius also shaped her musical development. The exceptional musicians and their distinct styles helped create her own musical identity.

Forming the Måneskin

In 2016, Victoria joined forces with three other talented musicians-Damiano David (vocals), Thomas Raggi (guitar), and Ethan Torchio (drums), and together they formed the band “Måneskin” meaning “moonlight” in Danish, representing their desire to bring a unique light to music.

Victoria became an integral part of the band’s unusual sound. Her exceptional skills laid the foundation for the band’s powerful rhythm. The band started sharpening their art by performing in local clubs and venues. Their passion and dedication were clear in their performances which generated a lot of buzz.

Their humble beginnings became the stepping stones to an extraordinary journey that took them to the international music stage. Today, Måneskin has a global fan base that continues to grow.

A successful musical journey

Let’s have a look at Victoria’s famous albums and award-winning songs that has made people take her seriously in the music industry:

Album Release year Famous tracks
Chosen 2017 Torna a casa, Morirò da re
Il ballo della vita 2018 Fear for Nobody, Le parole lontane
Teatro d’ira – Vol. I 2021 Zitti e buoni, Coraline

Awards and accolades received by Måneskin


Måneskin’s undeniable talent showered them with recognition and numerous prestigious awards and accolades. Following are the notable honors received by Måneskin for their contributions to the music industry:

Awards Description
Eurovision Song Contest 2021 The captivating performance of “Zitti e buoni” was the first Italian win in over 30 years.
MTV Europe Music Awards The band received multiple MTV Europe Music Awards, including “Best Italian Act” in 2020 and 2021.
Italian Music Awards They have been honored at the Italian Music Awards as “Best Band” and “Best New Artist.”

Interesting facts about Victoria De Angelis

Victoria is known not just for her exceptional music but also for her unique personality. Here are some interesting facts that make her an exception:

  • Unique style and stage presence
  • Passion for arts and tattoos
  • Language skills

Unique style and stage presence

The famous artist is known for her distinctive fashion statement both on and off the stage. Her style is a unique blend of rock, punk and glam reflecting her personal taste and creativity. She has an overall visual appeal whether it’s her bold accessories or outfits. Her aesthetics add to her stage presence. Apart from that, her charisma and energy radiate on stage. The audience is glued to her during her magnetic performance.

Passion for arts and tattoos

Victoria De Angelis

Beyond her music, Victoria is very much into visual arts and loves to explore different artistic mediums, including painting and drawing. Her creative inclination is reflected in how she carries herself and her fashion. She’s also got a bunch of tattoos that are an artistic representation of her journey. Each tattoo tells a unique story adding to her individuality and self-expression.

Language skills

Victoria is also known to be multilingual. Apart from her native Italian, she speaks proficient English and can better connect with her international fans. Her command of different languages contributes to the band’s effortless performance in multi-linguistic contexts.

Her language skills also come in handy in songwriting as Måneskin includes both Italian and English lyrics. This interesting fusion adds versatility to their songs and reaches a diverse audience.

The personal life of Victoria De Angelis

Victoria De Angelis

While she keeps certain aspects of her life private, her commitment to art, support for social causes and contributing to the band’s philanthropic efforts show her desire to use her fame for positive change. Let’s have a look at some insights:

  • Relationships
  • Other hobbies and interests
  • Philanthropy and social cause


Because she keeps her life private, there is only limited information available about her relationships. Victoria shares a strong bond with her bandmates beyond their music. They have a close-knit relationship built on trust and mutual support.

Other hobbies and interests

Beyond music, Victoria enjoys exploring different arts, as discussed. Additionally, she is very fashion-forward and that’s visible in her unique choices.

Philanthropy and social causes

Victoria’s specific philanthropic endeavors are not widely known, but as a band, they show support for various social causes like raising about mental health, LGBTQ+ rights and sustainability awareness. They encourage their fans to make a positive impact on the world by standing up for what they believe.

Collaborations and side projects of Victoria De Angelis

Victoria embraces opportunities for growth, expression and experimentation from her side projects. With this, she brings forward her skills beyond the band and explores several genres. Her ventures outside of Måneskin contribute to her musical evolution.

Below are some highlights of Victoria’s collaborations:

  • Teaming up with other artists
  • Solo endeavors

Teaming up with other artists

Victoria has had the opportunity to collaborate with several artists, both within and outside the rock genre. These collaborations often showcase her ability to adapt to different musical styles and bring her unique bass-playing skills to the table. By collaborating with artists from different backgrounds, Victoria expands her musical horizons and contributes her talent to exciting and dynamic musical collaborations.

Solo endeavors

Victoria De Angelis

While her focus remains on the band, she has expressed an interest in exploring side projects where she can experiment with her musicality and express her creativity. Engaging in solo projects lets her showcase her versatility as a musician.

Exploring diverse musical genres

Victoria’s musical passion extends beyond rock. She looks forward to experimenting with different genres like funk, jazz and electronic music to broaden her musical palette.

Fanbase and social media presence

Victoria has a dedicated fanbase that heartily supports and follows her journey. She is actively present on social media, engaging with her fans.

Here is a glimpse of her social media life:

  • Engagement with fans
  • Connection with Måneskin’s community
  • Impact on her career and visibility

Engagement with fans

Victoria actively engages with her fans on Instagram, Twitter and Facebook. She shares bits of her personal life, BTS moments and music updates. She keeps her followers connected through regular posts, stories and live sessions.

Connection with Måneskin’s community

She has a strong connection with Måneskin’s fan community. She recognizes the importance and dedication of her fans. Therefore, she tries to show genuine appreciation through meet-and-greets, fan events and online interactions for rooting for her in her journey.

Impact on her career and visibility

Social media has played a key role in increasing Victoria’s visibility and boosting her career. Instagram and YouTube have enabled her to display her personality and talent beyond the band and has built a loyal and engaged following.

Victoria De Angelis- A tale of passion and dedication

Victoria De Angelis

The bassist of Måneskin has been on a remarkable journey where she’s been breaking barriers and inspiring people through her music. Her passion for music shines through her contributions to the band. Whether it’s the distinct styling or tattoos, she brings a captivating persona with her.

The notable achievements or Victoria helped Måneskin reach new heights in the music industry. Her exceptional performances played a pivotal role in shaping the band’s remarkable sound. Her collaborations with other artists demonstrate her eagerness to expand her creative wings.

The fact that she’s so well-connected to her fans is an example of how to use social media when you’re an influencer. Appreciating her fans and maintaining a strong bond with Måneskin’s fan community amplifying her visibility.

Her journey is a testament to her talent, creative spirit and deep connection with her supporters. Victoria continues to evolve with her music making her mark amongst the other stars by embracing new opportunities.

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