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24 Motives 24 Names: Instagram Game Explained




24 motives 24 names

Instagram and other social media have invaded our lives in many ways. And, during this pandemic, the new challenges and games gained more popularity. As they helped people cope up with the stresses of life. And, this 24 motives 24 names left many users confused. People see their names popping up in the stories of other people, without knowing the reason why. This new challenge makes users post a list of names with each one after a number. The year 2020 was a difficult time for the world, and this fun game brought some smiles to the faces of disturbed people. If you want to play the 24 Names 24 Motives Game, you must know how it works.

What is 24 Names 24 Motives Challenge?

This 24 motives 24 names challenge is basically a fun game to play. Especially, during the pandemic, it was fascinating to be a part of this fun game. Basically, when you see a list of 24 people with numbers before each name, it’s the time you understand that it’s the same game we are talking about. The original poster on Instagram only reveals what each number means after you promise to post your own list afterward and take part in the challenge.

The challenge starts when the user sees their name in an Instagram story list and the one who posted is not ready to tell them why. If you see your name on the list and decides to ask the person what the challenge is and why your name is on the list. They will only reveal it after you promise them to take part in this challenge and make your own list after.  Definitely, it’s a fun idea to indulge as many users to create a chain of these mysterious Instagram stories.

Although it was fun for some, it was confusing and frustrating for some. These mysterious stories left many users confused and frustrated. Many of them don’t want to join a challenge they know nothing about.  Basically, the number before each name represents a question or a ‘motive’ for putting them there.

What Does Each Number In 24 Motives 24 Names Mean

As we established earlier that each number means a specific motive. So, If you are also worried about the mysterious numbers, here we are revealing them for you.

  • The last person you talked to
  • An online friend
  • A crush/boyfriend/girlfriend
  • Your first crush
  • The last person you hugged
  • Best guy friend
  • A male friend
  • The person who always makes you laugh
  • The person you never thought you’d make friends with
  • A female friend
  • The best person you got to know this year
  • Best girlfriend
  • The person you trust the most
  • The last person you said ‘I Love you to
  • Somebody you miss
  • Somebody you hate
  • Best teacher
  • Last person you kissed
  • An important person for you
  • A person who hurts you
  • Best cousin
  • An ex
  • The last person, you paid for lunch for
  • Would you date the person who sent you this?

So, you just have to check on what number you are, and you don’t need to be worried about why you are there. And, if your best friend is doing this challenge, but you are only one time on that list. Oops…  that hurt. Obviously, you have actually every right to lash out at them.

Is the challenge interesting?

We can obviously blame the Covid 19 pandemic for all the weird things in our life. People are locked indoors, bored out of their minds, and they are looking for something to cope up with their stresses and occupy their time. These weird challenges also look like a blessing in these difficult times. This series of 24 questions was a good way to occupy your time in pandemic times. Some people even released their own versions of these 24 questions.

There is no reason why this game entered our lives. There is no reason why these questions are there. But, these 24 questions are 24 different stories. If you post this list on the Instagram story or anywhere you want. And, the people who will see their names on that list without any clarification will definitely come to you to ask why their name is there. And, we assure you that your DMs will be an interesting place.

What we know is that there is nothing wrong with being a part of this useless, weird yet interesting challenge.

What are better board games or these weird challenges?

Some people love to spend their time playing board games, be it online or be it with family in real. While some people love to interact with their friends by taking part in these little challenges. Obviously, you will not get fun with these challenges for long period, but for a little while, you may interact with the person you haven’t interacted with in a while.

24 motives 24 names

24 motives 24 names


The world is stuck at home in this pandemic. And, during that, you might stumble on some games and little challenges. And, one such challenge is the trivial challenge “24 motives 24 names”. This challenge is all about 24 questions, 24 people, and 24 new interesting stories. You may get tagged in this story without you knowing, and you can’t know that without the promise of continuing this challenge. Once you get the template and the questions, you can create your own version. Name or tag the people to their relevant numbers and enjoy!

Moreover, don’t let anybody judge you that you are taking part in these silly challenges. Because, in these difficult times it’s only important to maintain your sanity, not your reputations. There is nothing wrong with being a part of these challenges, and bring a smile to you and some other people as well. The 24 Names 24 Motives guide has now been updated in 2021.

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