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24 Motives 24 Names: Instagram Game Explained



24 motives 24 names

Instagram and other social media have invaded our lives in many ways. And, during this pandemic, the new challenges and games gained more popularity. As they helped people cope up with the stresses of life. And, this 24 motives 24 names left many users confused. People see their names popping up in the stories of other people, without knowing the reason why. This new challenge makes users post a list of names with each one after a number. The year 2020 was a difficult time for the world, and this fun game brought some smiles to the faces of disturbed people.

What is 24 Motives 24 Names Challenge?

This 24 motives 24 names challenge is basically a fun game to play. Especially, during the pandemic, it was fascinating to be a part of this fun game. Basically, when you see a list of 24 people with numbers before each name, it’s the time you understand that it’s the same game we are talking about. The original poster on Instagram only reveals what each number means after you promise to post your own list afterward and take part in the challenge.

The challenge starts when the user sees their name in an Instagram story list and the one who posted is not ready to tell them why. If you see your name on the list and decides to ask the person what the challenge is and why your name is on the list. They will only reveal it after you promise them to take part in this challenge and make your own list after.  Definitely, it’s a fun idea to indulge as many users to create a chain of these mysterious Instagram stories.

Although it was fun for some, it was confusing and frustrating for some. These mysterious stories left many users confused and frustrated. Many of them don’t want to join a challenge they know nothing about.  Basically, the number before each name represents a question or a ‘motive’ for putting them there.

What Does Each Number In 24 Motives 24 Names Mean

As we established earlier that each number means a specific motive. So, If you are also worried about the mysterious numbers, here we are revealing them for you.

  • The last person you talked to
  • An online friend
  • A crush/boyfriend/girlfriend
  • Your first crush
  • The last person you hugged
  • Best guy friend
  • A male friend
  • The person who always makes you laugh
  • The person you never thought you’d make friends with
  • A female friend
  • The best person you got to know this year
  • Best girlfriend
  • The person you trust the most
  • The last person you said ‘I Love you to
  • Somebody you miss
  • Somebody you hate
  • Best teacher
  • Last person you kissed
  • An important person for you
  • A person who hurts you
  • Best cousin
  • An ex
  • The last person, you paid for lunch for
  • Would you date the person who sent you this?

So, you just have to check on what number you are, and you don’t need to be worried about why you are there. And, if your best friend is doing this challenge, but you are only one time on that list. Oops…  that hurt. Obviously, you have actually every right to lash out at them.

Is the challenge interesting?

We can obviously blame the Covid 19 pandemic for all the weird things in our life. People are locked indoors, bored out of their minds, and they are looking for something to cope up with their stresses and occupy their time. These weird challenges also look like a blessing in these difficult times. This series of 24 questions was a good way to occupy your time in pandemic times. Some people even released their own versions of these 24 questions.

There is no reason why this game entered our lives. There is no reason why these questions are there. But, these 24 questions are 24 different stories. If you post this list on the Instagram story or anywhere you want. And, the people who will see their names on that list without any clarification will definitely come to you to ask why their name is there. And, we assure you that your DMs will be an interesting place.

What we know is that there is nothing wrong with being a part of this useless, weird yet interesting challenge.

What are better board games or these weird challenges?

Some people love to spend their time playing board games, be it online or be it with family in real. While some people love to interact with their friends by taking part in these little challenges. Obviously, you will not get fun with these challenges for long period, but for a little while, you may interact with the person you haven’t interacted with in a while.

24 motives 24 names

24 motives 24 names


The world is stuck at home in this pandemic. And, during that, you might stumble on some games and little challenges. And, one such challenge is the trivial challenge “24 motives 24 names”. This challenge is all about 24 questions, 24 people, and 24 new interesting stories. You may get tagged in this story without you knowing, and you can’t know that without the promise of continuing this challenge. Once you get the template and the questions, you can create your own version. Name or tag the people to their relevant numbers and enjoy!

Moreover, don’t let anybody judge you that you are taking part in these silly challenges. Because, in these difficult times it’s only important to maintain your sanity, not your reputations. There is nothing wrong with being a part of these challenges, and bring a smile to you and some other people as well.

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Houston Vs Austin – All Things Compared



Houston Vs Austin

The Houston vs Austin debate is pretty much won by Houston from the general comparison that we have made but the decision at the end can’t be applied on every individual reading this article because the subjectivity is something that we can’t beat and is out of the scope of this article but we can try.

Austin is a place that is more tailored for people trying to live on the cheap while having good job opportunities and start a family. The place is nice enough that you can even own a house in few years as it is relatively cheaper than many cities in the United States.

On the other hand, the city of Austin is more suited for people who are traveling and need a place to spend some time away from where you live. The music scene is something that shouldn’t be taken for granted and if you want to blend in for a specific period of time in the culture of the state of Texas while not sacrificing much on the modern-day necessities, then no place is better than Austin for you.

We are here in the battle of Texas; the huge metropolis of Houston is an action with the capital of the state, Austin. Both cities have a diverse culture backed by pros and cons that make it tough for a person to choose in the Houston vs Austin debate, but we are here to make this debate lively but conclusive for you.


Houston Vs Austin


You are someone who needs a job and is looking to earn money in a new city. The Houston vs Austin debate choice is simply Houston because the job opportunities in Houston are plentiful compared to Austin. The statistics would show that Austin has the edge over Houston, but it is not the case.

Let’s look at the unemployment rate in Houston, it is 8.00% in comparison to the 5.3% in Austin, but this doesn’t tell you the true story. The population of Austin is less than Houston by a big margin and it seems like a small town in comparison to the city of Houston, so keeping the population density and these statistics in mind, Houston has better employment opportunities after an in-depth analysis of the market.

Cost of living

Houston Vs Austin

Which one is heavy on the wallet?

The cost of living is an important aspect whenever you are on the lookout to find a place to move into as it makes or breaks your financial situation. The place to live in is Houston in the Houston vs Austin debate if you are someone who wants to have a good financial budget at the end of the month. Let’s get into more details about it.

The average rent for a studio is $900 here in Houston, while a 1 bedroom apartment will cost you on average $1000; increasing the number of bedrooms increases the rent by $300 per room. While on the other hand, a studio is around $1100 per month on average in Austin; the one-bedroom apartment will cost you about $118 per month with an increase of $400 as you increase the number of bedrooms.

The overall cost of living is way higher in Austin than in the whole state of texas and the average cost of living of the whole United States, not just Houston. If we dig deep into details, the grocery shopping will be a lesser burden on your bank account in Austin than in Houston, but the health expenses, which are much more than the grocery expenses, are lesser in Houston than Austin. The Houston vs Austin debate is won by a big margin by Houston when it comes to housing as it is fairly cheaper to get one on rent in comparison to Austin and to build a house will cost you $185,500 in Houston while in Austin you have to pay in excess of $350,000 which is a big burden on someone who is dreaming of owning their house. The transportation costs in Houston are higher than in Austin but by a slight margin, the reason behind is that the city of Houston has a higher population and more traffic in comparison to Austin.


The traffic situation is not something you can directly judge without looking at the infrastructure. Yes, more population means more traffic, and it is common sense, but the way the systems are developed can make the place with a higher population more suitable in the overall flow. Austin has a lesser population and overall better traffic situation but if it is hampered, then it will be a big headache for the people living there because the flow is easy because of natural selection, not the system implemented in the city. The city of Austin only has one major highway, which is not enough even for the 950,807 people living there, and it won’t be able to sustain it in the longer run. Read more about the importance of traffic in the debate between these two cities.

Fun in Houston

When it comes to recreational activities, then Austin takes the edge in the Houston vs Austin brawl.

Houston Vs Austin

Explore the space in Houston

Houston is a family-friendly city and traveling here will be fun if you have one. The nature, animals, and scientific knowledge for your kids will be plentiful. The food in Houston is the best in the state and Austin doesn’t even come close to it. The general misconception about the city is that it is not fun enough but the fun is a subjective thing and if you dig deep you will find that it is a great place to spend your holidays in.

The NASA Johnson Space Center is a place where abundant knowledge known to humankind is available. You can get to see the gears of the astronauts and many other exhibitions of the limits of humanity in this place. The Houston Musem of Natural Science will blow the mind of budding adults away with Dinosaurs, Pompei and Volcanos exhibited in the museum.

Fun in Austin

Houston Vs Austin

Music Fanatics

Houston surely is a fun place, but Austin by a country mile is better than it; despite the subjective nature of fun, we must say that contradicting the initial statement made here seems the right thing to do. Austin, which is becoming one of the most go-to areas in the United States and is becoming the true representation of the state of Texas with a is a hill country dream of many people.

Let’s start with the music of this city It is called the live music capital of the world and has a great cultural history behind every tune you will hear in the capital of Texas. From punk music, Rap music to soothing music, you will find everything here. Austin City has the Moody Theatre which is on the bucket list of many musicians and music lovers and it hosts many artists from an array of genres. It is there as a spectacle and it stands tall showing the world that Texas is one of the greatest places on earth for the greatest art that has no boundaries, the art of music.

The outdoors and the natural beauty of Austin are way ahead of what you will find in Houston. The city is built so beautifully that you don’t need to go elsewhere for a few days, but nature is continuously enhanced in specific areas like Lady Bird Lake, Barton Springs, and Mount Bonnell. The greatest surprise in this city is its heart, and it will require a long-distance commutation to reach there, and it is the Texas Hill Country. The real essence of living in Texas is felt, and it has springs like the Krause Springs, the Hamilton Pool, the olive plantations, and many other hidden places that many people don’t know yet like the Wimberly.








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Miami vs Orlando – Which One To Visit And Stay



Miami vs Orlando

Miami vs Orlando is an endless debate, and if you are stuck like many people between this debate, then you have surely landed at the right place. Here we will be telling you about which one to choose, the more family-friendly Orlando or the party going Miami.

The answer to the question is very simple. It depends on your martial status and nature more than anything. Both places are polar opposite and are not alike but being polar opposite means the choice is even tougher. But don’t worry, our simplified comparison below will give you all the answers you are seeking.

Orlando is a place for which your children will be screaming because it is the land of Walt Disney. There are many theme parks where your kids will enjoy their time in while beyond Walt Disney the Universal Orlando resort is world-famous. It is not about just the theme parks, there are plenty more in this city. With mesmerizing cuisine, restaurants that have a world-class ambiance, and big shopping malls, in this city as a family, you are never getting bored or fearing your kids to follow the wrong direction in life.

On the other side, Miami is famous for its nightlife and it gives a boost to people with great imaginations. It is certainly not family-oriented and is more attractive towards adults who are yet to begin a family. If you are on the verge of your youth, there is no better place than Miami for you in Florida. Once the sun says adios to the world and the moon & the stars take over, then the actual life begins in this city. The beaches are full of amazing, open-minded people with whom you can open up and make a great bond.

Where To Stay?

Orlando is known as the world capital of theme parks. The park resorts are thus plentiful in Orlando and it lives up to the name given to the city. They are luxurious with every necessity imaginable. Being family-friendly is one of the biggest plus points of why the families choose this city over Miami.

On the other hand, the city of Miami has cheaper options of accommodation because they don’t play the family-friendly card. Majority of hotels or resorts giving good services that are family-friendly charge you a hefty amount, while it is not the case in Miami. The beach hotels, the amazing luxury apartments here are accessible and aren’t that family-friendly and you can spend a great time the adult’s way without violating some protective parents.

Tourist Attractions – Miami vs Orlando

The city of Orlando is a place where you can visit the origins of world-famous entertainers like the Walt Disney World, the Universal Studios, and the Shakespeare Theatre. As a dad, you will not get bored while your kids enjoy Disney land because there are world-famous golf courses in this city. The city is mainly going to attract families who want to get away from the world of smartphones and gaming consoles and be more focused on outdoor activities. There are adventure parks for outdoor activities as well as amazing zip-lines.

Miami vs Orlando

Disney Land

Nightclubs and Miami are often linked together, but you should know that this city is more than that. As we told you earlier, this city is where imagination is given importance, and for this reason, there are many art galleries, museums, and nude beaches. The Wynwood Walls Street art is the most beautiful place where you will find the raw imagination of many artists and Miami Beach is going to be the best sunbath of your life. The night hits different though; in Miami, the focus shifts away from this sort of art towards dance, cocktails, and big clubs where you socialize and party.

Romance in Miami vs Orlando

Romance is something that never sleeps, and no place is better than Miami, because this city never sleeps. Of course, for romantic couples, Orlando has Disney springs and other attractions like that, but who finds Disney springs as romantic as the beach resorts of Miami? With great wine bars, lights, jazz music, and a beautiful view of the beach, Miami certainly comes on top in this regard.

Miami vs Orlando


The city of Orlando has many elite restaurants but Juvia restaurant is the most romantic place to eat in Florida. The place offers a clear view of the city of Miami as you sit on the rooftop of it, with the light engulfing you in its charm while you bite on your favorite food with your most valuable person, no way Orlando can beat that. Over here Miami has an edge in the Miami vs Orlando debate.

 Traffic in Miami vs Orlando

If you are hailing from a place that has poor road planning, then Orlando is the place where you will feel more at home while driving a car but if you belong to a place where traffic rules are not given importance even by the police, then Miami is where you will most likely connect with.

I leave this situation to you; it is your call at the end because we can’t come up with which aspect is more easily accommodated into the routine by a visitor as the situation of traffic is bad in both cities.

Crowd And Population

There are many types of people, but the two categories most fall in are introverts or extroverts. If you are a more into yourself person and don’t socialize much, then Orlando’s city is perfect for you because in comparison to Miami, it doesn’t pull much crowd who congest areas. At the same time, an extroverted person would love the nightlife and the flock of people in Miami.







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Tone Vs Mood: What is the difference



Tone Vs Mood

Tone and mood in literacy are seen as a poecilonym to each other, which is absolutely wrong, and for that, we need to do a Tone Vs Mood in this article, so stay tuned and keep reading.

Tone vs Mood: Difference between the two

Tone Vs Mood

What is tone and mood?

Tone and mood are fundamentally different things and as a student of literature, knowing the difference between them is vital.

Tone Are Author’s Feelings

Tone refers to an author’s feelings or personal bias towards a character or a subject matter. Like when we speak, our tone can reflect what our feelings are. It can exhibit anger, happiness, and confusion, etc. The same is the case with tone in writing. When you write, you can use tone words like sarcastic, heavy-hearted, or gleeful to convey your personal view about the characters.

Mood Is an Environment

The mood is not related to the author’s feelings towards a character it is more concerned about the atmosphere the author has created. Your tone about a character can be gleeful, but the atmosphere you create can be gloomy. For this literacy, apparatus like Allegory, Allusion, and cliffhanger are used. It is an excellent tool for the author to express a range of emotions in an uncoupled environment.

Tone and mood in detail

Tone Vs Mood: What Is The Difference

A detail look

The tone vs mood debate will be made more clear by teaching you how to use them.

What is Tone?

It is essential to deploy the right tone at the correct time to make your audience feel what you are trying to communicate.

Mastering the art of tone will help you become a better writer, and it can be used in a formal situation like an email or in an informal text conversation; it makes your writing more attractive.

The key to having the right tone can be seen from this example. Imagine your father texts you, “Do you have few minutes to talk to me?” in comparison to “Are you up for a late-night chat.” It just gives different vibes, and surely you will be more comfortable if you receive the latter text.

Types of tones

The tone is the product of the emotions of the author. With two examples, we will explain it to you:

  1. Gleeful: I couldn’t hide my excitement when I heard the news of him getting married.
  2. Sorrowful: I couldn’t hide the wrenched feeling of my heart when I heard the news of him getting married.

As you can see from the above examples, that the wordings can be articulated to convey a range of emotions for a subject matter. Here the subject matter was the wedding of a guy, you can gleefully express your personal emotions about it as a writer in a pleasant way or you can ship grief.

What Is Mood?

The mood is related to the atmosphere, and using the word atmosphere interchangeably with mood isn’t a bad idea. The mood is an essential component that is incomplete without the tone; they both are simultaneously used to create feelings in the audience.

When writing a script for a movie, the writer has to consider using mood very carefully. For example, you are watching a romantic movie, the feelings or the tone the author wants to convey is done through the characters’ words, but the mood is set by a romantic melody in the background, which influences the audience and creates a lovey-dovey state in their mind.

In the end, though, this depends on the perception of the audience. How we perceive things is very different for each individual. The writer might be deploying a romantic situation, but the audience might be brought up in a culture that perceives it as funny or horrific, so to evoke emotions you need to know your target audience and then use the mood.

Types of moods

  1. Depressing
  2. Scary
  3. Passionate
  4. Action
  5. Dreary
  6. Romantic

How to use literacy apparatus for mood


The setting shows where the scene is taking place; for example, Mad Max is a post-apocalyptic world where the aim is survival using cars, on the other hand, Barnie is a tv show where the atmosphere is such that many consider it their happy place.


Imagery in easy words, is describing the corporeal things in the atmosphere you created in the setting. A poem like a twinkle twinkle little star describes the stars as something cheerful while a poem about a star falling on the earth, eliminating humanity will be described in a way that instills fear in the mind of the reader.


We discussed earlier that tone is a different thing than the mood but it can’t be separated as both work together to help the author convey himself and create the whole story in the mind of the audience.


Diction means the use of synonyms or using words that mean the same thing but convey a different message altogether. For example, Let’s make love and Let’s maketh loveth both mean the same thing but the atmosphere each creates is different. One makes you seem like you are in the present while the other takes you to the time of Shakespeare.


You can see that there a Mood Vs Tone and rightfully so, as both are essentially different from each other but the usage of both depends on each other and you can’t separate them apart. If you want to produce a clear image from your head in front of the audience, then the skill of linking tone with mood while knowing that both are not the same thing is the best way to create value with your writing.

Tone vs Mood has now been updated.


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